Wednesday, August 15, 2012

RH Bill Unlimited

The Bill, needless to say, is the big flavor of the month. Practically everybody and anybody have their opinion or even conviction about it – be they in favor or against it. And even if it is rather difficult to say with sincerity and candor, it is however good to be respectful to say that all those supporting or rejecting the legislation have the good and welfare of the Filipinos at heart, the development and progress of the Philippines in mind. This posture may be difficult but has its calming effect.

The Bill has the full politico-financial backing of Malacañang. Furthermore, Malacañang has the full support of UN plus WHO plus the Multinational Pharmaceuticals manufacturing contraceptives. Malacañang has also the majority partisan support of the Philippine Congress as a whole – in the spirit of the Impeachment just held. Moreover, Malacañang has the affirmation of certain ideological groups in the country. Finally, there is a relatively less of number Filipino citizens who have the courage, the means and the time to counter the Bill.

That is why in all probability; the Bill will soon become a law – although the use of contraceptives is practically already all over the country, with lawmen and other civil servants remaining immobile and silent about it. There is the commonly known phenomenon in terms of “over-the-country” availability and sale of contraceptives. Adults can buy contraceptives manufactured from chemicals or rubber. Young people can buy them with no questions asked – nor any excuse given.

Through the law drawn from and inspired by the Bill, Malacanañg simply wants to legalize the artificial contraceptive mentality and practice in the Philippines – and poised to even support and promote it with annual multi-billion public funds. And while Malacañang does not like to call its controversial anti-natalist plan, programs, and projects as downright “Population Control,” they really are against births. Furthermore, while Malacañang likes instead to call its contraception policy as “Responsible Parenthood” – which is precisely equated with natural family planning – such however is anything but the objective truth.

Now, it can be said openly and clearly: Malacañang is ready, poised, and eager to enter the bedrooms of couples. It is thus prepared and willing to be the third party between a man and a woman in bed. It is some kind of a security guard in the sense that it wants “to protect” husbands and wives, men and women, from having children. Malacañang is not simply amendable but also decidedly too officially and categorically subject the people of the Philippines to population control – notwithstanding all denials, all the explanations, and all excuses to the contrary.

But then, even if Malacañang has good intentions, as well said… hell is full of good intentions!