Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Ominous Silence

The speech was extra long. So many accomplishments have been deliriously reported. So many projections were proudly made. So many issues have been courageously addressed. So much water was even drunk to facilitate more and more enumeration of successes achieved as well as aspirations projected to be soon happily accomplished – preparing for war from within and without. That is why there were those who felt they heard the recitation of a long litany of joyful and glorious mysteries.

But behind the report of the year-after many acts as well as year-ahead envisioned numerous splendid agenda, there is something that can be considered as ominous – sinister, disquieting, threatening. The subject matter has extraordinary significance for the people of the Philippines as well as grave implications for their dear Country. But such very significant as well as truly relevant concern was curiously unsaid, strangely unmentioned.

The Senate already made it known and publicized. The House likewise readily seconded and embraced it. But Malacañang behaves just as the known trio who sees nothing, hear nothing, say nothing. It is a commonly known fact that Malacañang with its omniscient and omnipresent loudspeakers, loves to talk about anything and everything – inclusive of very delicate and highly confidential matter that precisely demands quiet diplomacy.

“Charter Change” – this is the current “hot” cardinal concern of big national significance and serious consequences. This is the obtaining desire and expressed design that are repeatedly mentioned and loudly proclaimed by the Legislative Department in admirable unison. Yet, the Executive Department pretended to be altogether ignorant about it. So it is that even the recent, very formal, very official, very public – address on the present and future State of the Nation Address responded to the proposed change with one big consummate silence. Why?

A good amount of statistics was religiously mentioned. Long power point lecture was used – with many colored graphic segments accompanying it. There were even downright visual advertisements made to demonstrate the delirious response of people towards band-aid government programs. But over and above all these, the much stretched State of the Nation Address responded to the openly proposed Charter Chance with frightening silence. Why?

So it is that there seems ot be but one and only obvious and clear answer of Malacañang towards the expressed and loud proposal of Charter Change – initiated, proclaimed and fueled by the Senate and the House. Yes! Yes! Yes! Why? If the Legislative Department has its own reasons for changing this or that constitutional provision, who says that Malacañang does not have its own intention and resolve to change other constitutional provisions? Watch out, people!