Friday, August 17, 2012

Malacañang Followers VS Church People

On the occasion of the apparently great divide existing and felt between Malacañang followers and many Church people – courtesy of the RH Bill – someone said that as of now, “The battle is joined.” True or otherwise, such a perception and pronouncement can be anything but good news for the People of the Philippines as a whole. Instead of a close collaboration between the Malacañang loyalists and a good number of Christian faithful, there seems to be instead an antagonistic interaction among them. Rightly or wrongly, there does not seem to be a simple alienation but a downright antagonism. Thus goes – true or false – not only the mere thought but the expressed mention of a “battle” which is even said as actually “joined.”

Whether there is a battle or not, whether it is joined or otherwise, the following can be said with some clarity and certainty: One, the Church has both the right and the duty to proclaim her teaching based on the finding of reason and the light of faith. Two, the Church ardently wants that people as a whole, observe her doctrinal pronouncement for their own good and welfare not only here and now but also hereafter and beyond. Three, the Church is not really surprised that there are some people who do not only reject her proclamation of ethical norms and moral principles but in fact dismiss these archaic, irrelevant, and/or even disgusting.

In the event that “the battle is joined,” people should not be surprised at all that more often than not, the Church would lose it – as She has experienced across the ages. In other words, Catholic faith and doctrine have been successfully rejected and trampled upon one decade after another. But then, it might serve the interest of truth and reality to note that: First, the Church is already more than 2000 years old as an universal institution, and still counting. Second, governments come and go, appear and disappear in the course of time, be they tyrannical, royal, or republican. Third, all – yes, all – government leaders eventually go six feet below the ground, no matter how powerful, wealthy, and influential they are.

It is not but self-pity and/or self-consolation to say that the Church would lose the supposedly on-going “battle.” Reasons: One, Christ Himself, the Founder of the Church, was shamed, spurned, and rejected by the people in His own time. Two, Christ was not only ridiculed by those who heard His teaching but also callously spat upon in disgust for His Person. Three, Christ was thus scourged, crowned with thorns and killed. But, He rose from the dead. He ascended to heaven. He is alive. Conclusion: Malacañang followers will all be gone sooner or later. Church people will still be around.