Friday, August 10, 2012

Lowest Population Growth

There is a recent report made by a major daily that population growth rate in the Ilocos region is at its lowest. The population officer in Western Pangasinan was said to be “unhappy” about it. The lady official lamented that the population in her area of concern, grew but less than 200 persons in the past ten years. There was a decrease of the annual IRA for the place. Translation: There will be less and less resources therein for public welfare, for the common good.

The MalacaƱang occupant and his subservient followers should be celebrating – jumping with glee and joy – for the report. The proud author and avid subscribers of the RH Bill must be congratulating themselves for being so influential, patting their backs for such a monumental performance. Even before the approval of their pet RH Bill, there is already such great news for all of them. They could readily say that they are already highly effective crusaders of population control – even without the official passage of their pet RH Bill.

Said the public officials should consider themselves as exemplary and even heroic public officials. They are already successful in lessening the number of the general public they are supposed to serve – not only by many deaths on account sickness and misery, but also by not allowing babies to be born. Thus is it that there are lesser, mouths to feed, lesser bodies to clothe, lesser individuals to shelter. What a great achievement!

It is given that the moment a population program has become rooted in a life and psyche of a country, there comes the marked tendency for people to become lesser and lesser in number in the course of time. There is thus the probability that in due time, there will be mostly old people in the country – with the young becoming less and less. This is known as the malady of the “Inverted Pyramid” – with its big base (old people) at the top and its tiny tip (young people) at the base!

The fact is that there is now a country in Asia with continuously decreasing population such that: Its employees are mostly foreigners – not to mention their quasi innumerable domestic workers from nearby nations. Its schools are practically empty of local students. Its government is in a panic mode on how to make its citizens have more children – by promising them a lot of perks, especially in terms of free education for them.

Among many other liabilities, the more ingrained and effective population control becomes, so too an honest to goodness socio-economic development becomes a formidable challenge. National progress emerges but a continuous dream. There is much food but there are no people to eat it. There is much consumer goods available but there are no people to but it. There is much power available but there are no people to consume it.