Monday, August 20, 2012

Even Animals Observe Natural Family Planning

Animals have five senses to help and guide them in their day to day living. In addition thereto, they also have in possession and use their instinct to care for themselves, to preserve their health, to protect their physical integrity. They follow the law of nature from their birth as what to drink and eat, up to their adulthood as what to do and avoid doing, until their eventual death – even usually sensing the place where to eventually die.

It is only upon reaching the right age – when their physical constitution and bodily functions have matured – do males and females seek companionship and go together. Each of them eventually find and have his or her partner. Time then comes when they consummate their relationship until the mother lays eggs or gives birth to their little ones. Together, they raise and care for them, keeping them warm, giving or looking for food for them and protecting them until these become capable of being on their own. So it is that they are still around in sufficient number after so many centuries have passed.

Only thereafter – when their once little ones have grown up, become self-reliant and independent – will the male and the female once again entertain one or more mutual consummate acts. This is when the mother again lay eggs or give birth to their little ones. This is again when the cycle of life begins for their offspring. So it is that there are always a sufficient number of dogs, cats, horses, and so on. They are neither too little nor too big in head to count. This is not to mention chickens, pigeons, goats, and so on that decide when to multiply – all human interventions to the contrary notwithstanding to increase food production.

Thus it is that even the Animal Kingdom observes natural law in self-multiplication as perceived by natural sense. But the Malacañang Kingdom wants it otherwise, insists that it should be the contrary. Artificial contraception – which even animals do not do – is the Malacañang flagship. Contraceptive pills, injections and condoms, tubal ligations, intrauterine devices and vasectomies – all topped by abortion – make up the members of the Malacañang orchestra. The more people are, the poorer they are, ergo the fewer they are, the richer they become – this is the Malacañang favorite theme song.

Thus it is that the Malacañang beloved RH Bill proclaims the following supposedly infallible conclusions – no ifs, no buts: One, the lesser the people, the happier they are. Two, the lesser the people, the lesser the crime. Three, the lesser the people, the lesser the garbage. Four, the lesser the people, the lesser food, clothing, and shelter needed. Five, to top it all off, the lesser the people, the better the government. Thus goes Malacañang peroration: Pass RH Bill or suffer! Observe RH Bill or perish!

Love note to Malacañang: Strike at nature and nature strikes back!