Monday, August 13, 2012


Contraception is a many splendor thing to different people with different ideologies, beliefs, and consequent value system - as politicians, businessmen, secularists, and spiritualists. There are those who claim that it is the infallible solution to poverty and misery. Never mind if there are places in Africa with but handfuls of people who are destitute and miserable. There are others who consider it as the over-all certified assurance of economic development and progress. Never mind if in North America itself with a well-placed population control program, thousands are now sadly jobless and/or homeless. There are even some individuals and groups who proclaim that many people eventually mean big waste of commodities as well as big lost of resources. Never mind if the Philippines precisely has people - the OFMs, the “Modern Heroes” - who have been long since keeping the Country economically afloat through their dollar remittances.

This brings to mind a known figure in the local Catholic Church who recently said something that caught the attention and delight of ordinary people - but incurred the ire of the MalacaƱang coterie. This he said: “Contraception is corruption.” This is indeed a very short but also very loaded pronouncement. In order to somehow complete the incisive thought, it could be worth considering the following complementary thoughts:

Contraception is CORRUPTION: Have a small population and everything will be alright! MalacaƱang will wake up early every day, will begin thinking and working about 24/7. China will retreat from the Philippine Sea. Mindanao shall be in peace. National and local government officials will be all honest. Criminality shall disappear. People shall rejoice all the hours of the day, all the days of the Justice will reign. Harmony will prevail.

Contraception is ILLUSION: Have a small population and the Philippines will have socio-economic prosperity, development and progress! Never mind if workers want to man manufacturing companies. Never mind if there are fewer and fewer people to buy the commodities in the market, to consume the food produced, to wear the clothes made. And never mind if there are more and more old people but less and less young ones to support and care for them. This is not to mention, the less and less babies who do nothing but eat and sleep, run around - and smile!

Contraception is DELUSION: Have a small population and the Filipinos will think straight, know more, and act better. The fewer the people, the lesser individuals shall be incompetent and disabled. Fewer will be the individuals who cannot even head a family, much less a community. There shall be less and less mantras as well as less and less declamations. Get rid of the Filipinos and the Philippines would be heaven on earth.

Conclusion: Would the national welcome shout be then “Mamatay!” instead of “Mabuhay!”? Just asking.