Friday, July 27, 2012

Vicious Solutions

Fact: There are many maternal conceptions in the country. Government response: Promote contraception. Fact: Contraceptive means invite fidelity. Government response: Have more contraceptive means available especially to married people. Fact: There are many children in the country. Government response: Make not only contraceptive but abortive pills available to all, young and old. Fact: Pills for contraception and abortion are costly. Government response: Pass the RH Bill. Have PPPs established. Welcome even foreign contraceptive manufacturers in the country.

Fact: There are a growing number of Filipino men with HIV-Aids. Government response: Make them use condoms. Fact: Condoms promotes promiscuity which in turn promotes even more HIV-AIDS cases. Government response: Provide men and women with easy access to vasectomy and tubal ligation, respectively. Fact: The more husbands and wives live together, the more children they have. Government response: Have a Two (if not one) Children Policy. Fact: The more men and women get married, the more children follow soon. Government response: Pass the Same Sex Marriage Bill.

Fact: There should be more foreign capital pouring in the Philippines. Government response: Change the economic provisions of the Constitution. Fact: There should be an agreement between the Government and the Mindanao rebels. Government: Change the Philippine territorial provision of the Constitution. Fact: Marriage vows are hard to keep. Government response: Change the provisions about marriage and the family in the Constitution. Fact: Politicians are used to power and might, to wealth and luxury. Government response: Change the constitutional form of government for interminable terms of elective public offices.

Let it be expressly said that the 1986 Constitution of the Philippines was composed by basically able and trustworthy individuals who were mostly jurists, professionals and upright ordinary individuals. It was approved by the Filipinos almost unanimously. One thing is certain, i.e., the mere reading even of the present Constitution by the common tao readily reveals that there are a host of good and sound, proper and just provisions therein that are no implemented to this day – after more than two decades. And there are the supposed three powerful equal branches of government, represented by their respective heads, itching to change some of the key provisions of 1986 Constitution to suit their personal preferences and/or their family requirements.

The “Whipping Boy” – this is the Philippine Constitution! How sad! How pitiful!