Friday, July 20, 2012

"God Particle"

Whenever the name of God is invoked, there is usually a religious person or a spiritual figure behind it. This can be a nun or a priest, a fervent preacher or an understandable, considering that the lives – mind, heart and spirit – of said individuals are centered of God. Theirs therefore are not only God anchored thoughts but also God oriented words and actions. This is why the mention of God is but a matter of course, for them.

Lo and behold! Recently someone who is not a known religious or spiritual man, recently announced the discovery of something called "God Particle". It is said that God is a "sub-atomic particle". i.e., much smaller than of an atom itself by the way, the one who made the finding is said to be a scientist who is in fact a Nobel Laureate. In other words, if the one who proudly and publicly announced it is a distinct and knowledge individual, his pronouncement is definitely something worth thinking and speaking about. It is said though that he was disowned by his own countrymen. Why? This is not known to the public, to date.

It is rather strange to believe and/or say that God is smaller than an atom. This, however, notwithstanding the pronouncement that this is not something intended to belittle God, much less o ridicule Him. At the very least, it is quite interesting to reflect upon the affirmation, to appreciate not only its essence but also to ponder on its implication. The statement itself about a "God Particle" is something that has a place even in orthodox theology – in the following sense:

It is neither right nor proper to think and/or say that the theory of "God Particle" is only meant to offend him, to scorn or depreciate Him. It is already a well establish and accepted fact that everything on earth and anything in the heavens are made up of atom. Trillions upon trillions upon of them make this or that reality – man included. It is definitely not offensive nor insulting to claim the existence of a sub – atomic "God Particle" – even but considering the tremendous built-in power in every tiny atom.

God as creator is present in every creature, though his wisdom and omnipotence. To say that God is nowhere to be found in the world – but only in his eternal kingdom – is downright blasphemy. The fact that He is "everywhere" and wherefore "omnipresent", this means that there can really be nothing where He is not there. It is something ridiculous to even think that God is not in an atom – even a sub-atom—one way or another.

It can be said wherefore that theory "God Particle" is at the very least, a thought provoking conclusion made by no less than a scientist accorded a noble and ennobling award. Among other things, it is then in order to treat nature with respect, to consider the environment with deference.