Monday, July 23, 2012

Gambling alias Gaming

Call it hypocrisy, duplicity or falsity. Say it is because of shame, remorse or embarrassment. It is the same. The present administration just like the previous one – if not much worse – is a big admirer and consummate lover of gambling. It is continuous in its futile attempt to devotedly hide its gambling propensity and delight under the pitiful guise of “gaming” through its minions, it now even speaks of a national “Gaming Industry” or something the like – instead a downright Gambling Economy as truth postulates.

Money, money and more money – no matter where it comes, how it is made and for whatever purpose it will be used. Gambling, gambling and more gambling – no matter what cheats, crooks and gangsters it attracts, wines and dines. PAGCOR then, PAGCOR now and PAGCOR for the years yet to come – no matter the human dignity it undermines, the profession it destroys, the families it breaks. More. As the previous administration had its favorites assigned to lead PAGCOR then, the present also has its favorite picked to head PAGCOR now – in line with the KKK affiliation and prerogative.

So it is that the Philippine Amusing Gambling Corporation (PAGCOR) is now spearheading the building of the so-called classy and expensive “Entertainment City” or something. In reality and truth, it is an expensive and imposing Gambling City said to be the local incarnation of the infamous “Las Vegas”. As this notorious institution is gradually closing its gambling arms in favor of honest to goodness entertainment, the government is hurrying up to catch its international gambling patrons.

Now it can be said – not without disgust and mortification: The government is the biggest gambler in the Philippines! This makes its loud proclamation and repeated claims of the “Matuid na Daan” not only devoid of truth but precisely filled with deceit, with trickery. It is alright for this government that gambling – such as that precisely promoted by its fully owned and controlled corporation – promote the vices of avarice, addiction and indolence, the culture of luck and the recourse to the “Bahala Na” system.

The present administration – with its handlers and dependents – is definitely bent in having more and bigger gambling in the country. Never mind the flagrant criminality in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Let us have the flagship of gambling in Asia. Never mind the destruction of the environ, the exploitation of the poor. Let us welcome all local and foreign gamblers in the world with open arms, shouting “Mabuhay!” Never mind the invasion of money launderers as well as greedy money lenders, the proliferation of prostitution cum pedophilia. After all, “It’s more fun in the Philippines!”