Monday, July 16, 2012

Executive Order 79

With but truth in mind and reality at heart, the mining industry in the Philippines has been long guilty of no less than a downright detestable triple exploitation – taking advantage of no less than three big victims in this side of the globe. In plain language, it is guilty of the exploitation of nature, the exploitation of people, the exploitation of the country itself. No. Mining is neither intrinsically bad nor irremediably evil. In general terms. It is the errant way mining is done, the way the Filipino communities concerned are remunerated plus the way the country is financially acknowledge for it.

Exploitation of Nature:
It is a given that mining continuously extracts the precious resource of nature. And it is an open secret that mining destroy the environment. Valuable minerals are taken away. Dirt and poison are left behind. Mountain are eroded, Rivers are gone. Farmlands are wasted.

Exploitation of People:
It is common knowledge that while the multi-national mining corporations reap much profit from their business ventures, the local miners however are given something barely enough to live with. This is not to mention the misfortune of the communities adversely affected by mining.

Exploitation of the Country:
It is rather strange that while much precious minerals are avidly and continuously dug up by mining ventures, only but a meager share of the return goes to the coffer of the country this is why instead of mining in their own countries, the said corporation love to do it in the Philippines.

Executive Order 79: After a relatively long vigil and eager expectation, the E.O. 79 at last became public and official. Right after its formal release, the different receptions there of and reactions there to can be thus grouped the administration that is proud of it. The mining companies that are happy for it. The people themselves affected by the woes brought about by mining who are not happy about it. Neither pleased nor grateful for it.

The grouping itself of those affected by EO 79 already says a mouthful, both the administration and the mining corporation are happy with it. But the people affected by it are unhappy if not even disgusted by it, when the government and big business corporation are both happy with something while the people concerned are resentful about the same concern, watch out! Something is bad. Something is wrong. Something is fishy.