Monday, June 25, 2012


There was the so-called "OPM" clamor - campaign, movement, crusade - recently and openly shouted and launched at a well-known public place in the heart of Manila. The promoters were not that famous nor acknowledged personalities. The speakers were admittedly neither well-identified public figures nor famous orators. The crowd was relatively small. The event was not much publicized. Neither did it receive much public attention thereafter. And for all intents and purposes, it can be even said that the occasion came and went – with no difference made, much less any impact felt.

This is not to say that the initials OPM is not commonly understood and much appreciated in the Country as a whole – as it stands for “Original Pilipino Music” and thus commands admiration from Filipino music lovers. The initials stand for the achievement of Filipino musicians specifically in terms of new songs dutifully composed and delightfully sung often to these days. OPM definitely constitutes a legitimate pride of the Filipino people.

But the herein relevant “OPM” ominously means something else. The cry might not make any difference at all in the Country as a whole. The shout might not be listened to at all by good  number of Filipinos. However, the fact is that it’s not a secret that there are not only individuals but also private organizations that look at the event as something. However, there are still those who even find the call both amusing and entertaining. In other words, the some kind of a movement courageously came out in the open – and thereafter seems to have vanished into thin air.

“OUST PINOY MOVEMENT” – this is the OPM thus desired, shouted and promoted. The move could be futile. The initiative might be inutile. But: It has been expressed. It is set in motion. Again: The option could be quixotic. The proposal might be but a dream. But: It has been actualized. It is on-going. Translation: Bad sign for the administration. Bad news for those favored and protected by the same.

 The OPM premises its cry – not simply in the perceived incompetence of the national leadership plus its alleged dictatorial tendencies – but on constitutional basis. Among others: Illegal Coalition/Secret Agreement with the Left. Illegal disregard of a TRO issued by the SC. Illegal use of pork barrel for Impeachment purposes. Illegally permitting US forces to have a virtual Philippine military base. Illegally issuing EO changing the composition of ARMN. Illegally ignoring the rights of the unborn child. Ergo: Pnoy is guilty of culpable violation of the Constitution and Acts of Treason.

Right or wrong, true or false – OPM is one bad news!