Friday, June 15, 2012

Gambling Economy

There are no less than some thirty two (32) different forms of illegal gambling in the Philippines – from “Alpor” to “Video Karera.” Furthermore, there are also more than seventeen modalities (17) of the called legal gambling in the country – from Bacarat to Slot Machines. The said gambling varieties are directly under the operation and management of the so-called “Gambling Lords” for illegal gambling plus the PCSO and the PAGCOR for legal gambling – noting that the latter two downright gambling entities are both official government corporations now directly operating under the authority of no less than the Malacañang chief occupant. What is the difference between the past and present administration?

In addition thereto, there is the now on-going and forthcoming big and expensive, impressive and luxurious “Las Vegas of the Philippines” being built and funded by “official” local and foreign gambling corporations – with PAGCOR as the leading and brokering agency, as the lead government gambling corporate entity behind the project. This is why the said forthcoming center of official gambling has the official backing of no less than the present administration. The truth is that as of now, there is nothing that can stop the emerging world class gambling den – with or without the camouflage of hotels, entertainment places and shopping stores. Where is the professed honor and integrity of the present government?

It is whistling in the dark to say that such many and different official and unofficial gambling operations are either managed by personalities with clean hands or patronized by saintly individuals. The reality is that big gambling – be it legal or illegal – usually and mainly has the following suspicious clientele, to mention but a few: Syndicates. Mobs. Gangsters. Addicts. Hoodlums. This is not to mention money launderers and other suspicious characters with shady ventures immersed in really big gambling syndicates. Furthermore it is but a cloud-9 claim that gambling specially when legal and wherefore official, is not accompanied by prostitution, drug peddling and other vicious activities – such as profiteering money lenders with obnoxious interests and the like. The so-called “professional” gambling enters the realm of the litany of vices. In other words, it is a vicious venture with vicious ways and ends. Where is the “Matuwid Na Daan” going?

Thus stand the features, implications and consequences of a gambling economy. This leads to a distorted value system, an errant ethical standard, an amoral way of living – productive of broken lives, broken families, broken legitimate national pride. A gambling economy is both a big shame and a big liability to people. It tramples upon the imperative of industry – by cultivating instead the cult of indolence and the mentality of luck. And the Philippines owes all these to the present administration.