Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Daang Matuid and Syndicated Gambling

Integrity, probity and honesty, honor, rectitude and decency, nobility, goodness and sincerity – these are some of the more commonly understood and professed ethical values associated with “Daang Matuid.” And rightly so. The opposite symbolic gross and detestable road – something like the “Daang Baluktot” – is the way of graft and corruption, deception and duplicity, fraud and trickery without excluding immorality and debauchery.

To the delight and jubilation of the general public, the national leadership at the start of its tenure of office, proudly claimed and loudly proclaimed the option of following the road of the righteous – the “Daang Matuid” – a claim which is now sadly causing only strong doubts but utter dismay. And rightly so – even if only for the infamous fact that the present government is the biggest gambler in the country.

It can be said that both hands of the present national leadership are full of syndicated gambling in terms of no less than two fully grown and fully blown government controlled and owned by gambling corporations. There is the infamous PAGCOR in its right hand plus the shady PCSO in its left hand. Both are gambling syndicates. Both are gambling cartels. And yes, both of them categorically belie the “Daang Matuid” hurrah of the Palace occupant. To say or claim otherwise is hypocrisy if not insanity.

Bacarat. Black Jack. Craps. Faigow. Roulette. Slot Machines. Stud Poker. Etc. These are but some of the official gambling forms promoted and found in PAGCOR. Lotto. Keno. Small Town Lottery. Loteria ng Bayan, etc. These in turn are some of the formal gambling modules nurtured and disseminated by PCSO. This is not to mention  Jueteng, Masiao, Suertes, Fruit Game, Hataw, Video Camera, etc., that are some complimentary gambling modules ably tolerated by the Chief-in-Command. To date, there are at least 17 “legal” and 34 “illegal” forms of gambling. All of them are alive and well. All of them are commonly known in the municipalities, provinces and regions where gambling moguls delightfully operate then.

Taking into account the big number of gambling formats in the Country – the “legal” plus the “illegal” plus the “legalized” ones – it is an exercise in futility for the national leadership to continue claiming the patronage of “Daang Matuid.” To do so is downright hypocrisy. To say otherwise is plain deceit. Why oh why? Gambling equals addiction. Gambling equals avarice. Gambling is indolence. Gambling is vicious.

Meantime, it is good to take note of the following: A good number of people know that PAGCOR is eagerly looking forward to the opening of the “Philippine Las Vegas” or something the like, and thereby enable it to provide the national leadership with more money to do what it wants. Meantime, PCSO is losing money – courtesy of EZ@ - a Jueteng ally. Truly: It’s more fun in the Philippines!