Friday, June 01, 2012

Abotion - What is the penalty?

After knowing what is the gross reality of abortion in plain and simple words, and after noting who are the agents of abortion with their respective culpability, it is but right and proper to ask: What is the penalty for those directly and actively involved in the perpetration of factual abortion? It is good to answer the question openly and frankly, directly and squarely. The answer thereto is relevant to those who directly promote or indirectly subscribe to abortion – as well as those who loudly or silently support the so called “Reproductive Health Bill” which is the priority Population Control Program of the present government.

As well noted, the said Bill is precisely anti-reproduction. How then could it be a “reproductive” legislative agenda? The same Bill is anything but a pro-health option – considering the unhealthy chemical content of many contraceptive pills. How then could it speak of “health”? Furthermore, it has to be well-noted that all those responsible for the composition and promotion of the Bill are distinctly silent about pills with “double-effect,” i.e., not only to prevent conception but also to cause abortion in the event that a woman precisely conceives. Such supposedly contraceptive pills come under different and suspicious names – but known to the medical professionals.

A person who procures effective abortion incurs the penalty of automatic excommunication.”  (Canon 1398 CIC). Thus states Church Law, expressly and openly stating the gravity of the crime of abortion – specifically when perpetrated by any member of the Catholic Church. The “penalty” is a punishment for a given misdeed in the realm of faith and morals. The penalty is considered “automatic” when it is incurred the moment the crime is committed. The penalty of “excommunication” means effective separation from the life itself – spirit, prayers, and merits – of the universal Church. It is akin to the reality of a dead leaf, viz., effectively separated and lifeless former constituent of a living and standing tree.

 Considering that the Church has neither the means nor the intent to impose corporal punishment as well as temporal deprivation, the truth is that “automatic excommunication” can be considered as the most serious penalty in the ecclesial sphere. The truth of the matter is that as a distinct and constant normative observance, only the Bishop of the place has the faculty to grant absolution from excommunication to anybody guilty thereof. Thus it is that for those who have done or who are doing abortion, should well know that the punishment for factual abortion is not only here and now as far as the State is considered, but also hereafter and beyond as far as the Church is concerned. The murder of unborn babies is abominable, censurable and definitely cries to heaven for vengeance.