Wednesday, May 09, 2012


If Philippine politics is by and large that deleterious and dangerous even to human lives or limbs, if most the Filipino politicians do not really command the respect much less the trust of most of the People of the Philippines, the reason is not a deep secret. Philippine politics is usually understood and undertaken but as a means to gain power and to accumulate wealth, not to mention to incarnate pride or to realize self-adulation. On the other hand most politicians in the Philippines are pro-selves and pro-family interests – categorically contrary to the public dimension of a public office, which is precisely ordained for the common good. This is sad but true.

When a politician is pro-God, this means that he believes and acknowledges that there is Someone Who is supremely above him and Who knows what the politician is really all about. He also knows to Whom the must ultimately render an account for the vicious things he did as well as the virtuous things he left undone. A godless politicians is a threat to people, a hazard to society. Considering himself as his own god, his will – no matter how erratic and twisted – is supreme. He himself determines what is right or wrong. He holds himself as the ultimate measure of what is just or unjust. In other words, he basically demands and expects the adoration of everybody else.

When a politician is a pro-man, he becomes identified with altruism to the benefit of all others. He thus stands for the care and enhancement of public welfare. Human history is the silent witness of long standing that is it man who can become man’s enemy. This is in line with curse of humanity when man sadly becomes inhuman to his fellowmen. It is not hard to imaging how human development and progress would be the standard products if politicians were truly pro-man. The truth is that human poverty and misery are by and large cause by pro-selves – selfish, covetous and mercenary – politicians.

When a politician is pro-Country, then this is a big national blessing that benefits people in the local, provincial and regional levels of the political sphere. Such a politician is automatically repulsed by selfish if not dictatorial ideologies together with the foreign value systems they bring and propagate. Woe to the Philippines for having not only separatist movements but also anti-cultural movements. The nationalist attribution of a politician has now acquired a special relevance when the Philippines is being bullied by a foreign power as it is being used by another super power – making the Country but a pawn in their mortal combat.

This is not asking for holy or saintly Filipino politicians. In the last analysis, it is but an ardent plea and urgent search for politicians who are what they should be. Public Officials having public trust for public service!