Monday, May 14, 2012


No, this is not about a musical extravaganza, nor about a stage presentation or a certain movie. This is neither about a circus, a drama or a famous telenovela - although there is an element of this about the "Show!" One thing is certain. It is a challenge with many implications, a dare with lasting consequences - although one may be more interesting as well as more devastating than the other two. For the purpose, it will be enough to call to mind the three following clamor of "Show!"

It all started when someone told somebody: Show your SALN! Show your properties, your bank accounts, your dollar deposits. The immediate insinuation here is that somebody is not forthright in stating his assets and liabilities, his net worth. Of course, in this Country the SALN is by and large considered a joke - specially by those bigwigs in tenure of formidable power and much wealth, particularly like famous politicians and big businessmen. In fact, those who take the SALN seriously are considered either puerile or foolish. It has been like this long since.

The above was followed by somebody telling that someone: Show your psychological record! Needless to say, this call has altogether deeper and more sensitive insinuations. It has to be noted however that the call or invitation heard along the same spirit and intent, was already made during the last elections. There were then psychological tests results that reached the attention of the general public. And the heavily contested elections then did not allow such documentation go unnoticed and unnoted.

But recently, there was another call or urging that god the attention of tri-media: Show the slum area in Pasay City! That were big-shot foreign visitors who came for a big bank meeting. They should be impressed by the officially claimed and locally proclaimed socio-financial development herein the Philippines. But a shameful slum area would be expose to full view of the arriving guests if no remedial actions were made. Solution: Some brilliant characters had the elementary and brilliant idea to hide the degrading sigh by building a billboard to cover it up.

The question that might be in order is which of the above said three "Show!" is more relevant to the Philippines and more consequential, its people? Each one of them cannot but have its effect in the major concerns that now affect in the Country. Hence, which is what? Answer: the first "Show!" is rather easy to know as the answer thereto is but a subject matter of arithmetic. It is but a matter of counting. The third "Show!" is neither that hard to do nor that long to accomplish. It can be immediately and easily done. It is the second "Show!" that is not only very delicate and crucial, but also very far reaching in sequel and overtone. But there is the possibility that it could be forever left undone.