Friday, May 18, 2012

Philippines, My Philippines

Philippines was a dear and endearing Country. It had a bountiful nature, a healthy environment. The plentiful and productive seas surrounded its many islands and islets. The clear and clean skies were its mysterious and delightful roofing. The Filipinos were loving and lovable. They cherished their religious fiestas, enjoyed their songs and dances. Thus it was that Filipinos sang “I love my own, my native land, Philippines, my Philippines…” The children, the youth and the adults all knew the song and repeatedly sang it with gusto and pride.

Then came the avaricious clans and power hungry individuals. Then came one government after another immersed in interminable graft and corrupt practices. Then came self-serving public officials instead of rendering public service. Then came the businessmen who are incarnations of greed. Then came profit oriented and dedicated corporations. Then came more and more politicians who protect and favor their families/dynasties instead of promoting the common good of the people. Then came the political culture with pursuant twisted value system of anything and everything in exchange of partisan advantage, eventual conquest and convenience.

So it is: That nature is not simply exploited but also eventually rendered poisonous, that big tracts of land are now destroyed and rendered unproductive. That the air is dirty, dangerous and poisonous. That more and more Filipinos are made to pay more and more direct and indirect taxes. That there are more and more men and woman without work, and as an immediate consequence thereof, more and more families go hungry.

So it is: That the Philippines import not only fuel but also toys, clothes, school supplies and other consumer goods. That even pork and fish are being imported. That on the other hand, Filipinos and Filipinas are export commodities – not only with the full support of but also with open promotion by the government itself. That while so sad yet so true, it is the exportation of Filipino citizens that is keeping the Philippines economically afloat by their money remittances to the Country.

So it is: That the proud shout of the “Matuid na landas” is but a nice declamation piece. Otherwise, how does one explain the exemption of Jueteng, KKK and Hacienda Luisita therefrom?! That the loud proclamation of “Kayo and boss ko” is but pure poetry. Otherwise, how does one explain the VAT that precisely eats up the already meager resources of millions of Filipinos – not to mention the privatization precisely of public utilities?!

“Philippines, my Philippines!” When will this song be sung again with pride and gusto! When will the Philippines be really and honestly loved again in truth and in fact? When?