Wednesday, May 23, 2012


A very precious and significant reality is under siege. A truly delicate and relevant institution is being subjected not only to question but also to contradiction. The law of nature itself is undergoing change – if not downright ridicule – through but the preference of law of man. The truth nevertheless remains that in all these “modern” desires and designs, the ultimate losers are always men, women and children specially. Meantime, the reality remains as such, the institution stays the same, and futile remain any and all attempts for man to change the postulates of nature that was already there long before he appeared, and that will remain as such long after he is long gone.

As of now, both in the first world country and in this third world Nation, there are individuals and groups thereof who want marriage to suit their personal preference and consequent option. How? By ardently inventing such curiosities as the following – all not only undermining but in effect making a mockery of marriage: Same Sex “Marriage.”  Group “Marriage.” Renewable “Marriage.” Such novelties are both interesting and entertaining – not to mention their respective futility in attempting to change or deny reality as defined by natural law.

Same Sex “Marriage” is the attempt to contradict the fundamental attribution of spousal union – not merely unity – that rightfully demands a consummate heterosexual partnership. Thus it was that even in the Good Book, the narration is that Adam came and followed Eve. Hence the pairing of Adam and Eve – not “Adam and Adam” nor “Eve and Eve” came to fore.

Group “Marriage” is the effort not only to downgrade but also to tear down the essential element of fidelity in a marital covenant. In such a group conjugal gathering, the question that usually comes to mind is how many individuals can/may belong to it. Three, four, five? Then why not six, seven, eight? Is this not but in accord with the saying, the more the merrier?

Renewable “Marriage” is the option to convert the conjugal covenant into but a mere contract entered into within a time frame, and therefore subject to renewal or termination – at the will of one or both parties therein. Marriage thus enters the sphere of standard agreements open to disagreement and consequent dissolution. Permanence is alien thereto.

Time and again – and man never learns – the objective truth and eventuality remain that when he goes against the law of nature, he is but victimizing himself. Innumerable are broken lives on account of broken marriages. Marriage is between one man and one woman bound to observe fidelity for as long as both shall live, and are committed to care for – love, support, educate – every child they bring forth to the world. This is marriage notwithstanding what Kings, Tyrants and Presidents of any color and creed would otherwise want it to be. These personalities come and go – but marriage ultimately remains as established by nature, affirmed by ethics and confirmed by morals.