Monday, May 28, 2012

Abortion - What is it?

This article—together with the two following others—is specially and ardently dedicated to those who are performing abortions, as well as those who are assiduously moving and decidedly promoting the passage of the notorious “Reproductive Health Bill.” The only reason behind this article and the two hereafter coming, is one and the same: Do not say that you have not been told, have not been warned. Say not wherefore that you do not know that the said Bill—which is a Population Control legislative priority of no less than the Commander-in-Chief—does not include abortion, considering that some Contraceptive pills are also abortive in content and finality. So it is than when contraception fails, abortion takes over eventually to likewise lessen people.

Question: What is abortion? In plain and direct language, abortion is the deliberate killing of an unborn human being while still in the maternal womb and herein growing moment by moment, day by day. Abortion is a deliberate killing—knowingly, willingly, intentionally—of a yet unborn child. Abortion is the purposeful slaughter of a human being when still in the mother’s womb and where the same stays from the conception to his or her joyful and triumphant birthday.

When already in the womb of the mother, there is no moment at all when the living creature is not human. The latter cannot be but merely a germ, an tiny insect or a miserable worm as none of these could and would ever be a human no matter how, no matter when. To say it truly and bluntly, abortion is the nothing less than the downright murder of a human being precisely when this weakest and defenseless, precisely when the same is killed by the mother and/or the father—with or without the murderous intervention of another or others.

No, abortion is not simply miscarriage which is but an accidental ejection of an unborn child from the mother’s womb—for whatever natural cause or pathological reason. Abortion is downright extermination. Abortion is intentional killing. Abortion is utter murder. And the victim is categorically innocent altogether hopeless and wherefore completely dependent on the love, care and protection of those precisely responsible for his or her being and life in the world of realities.

Intentional destruction of the human embryo such as by craniotomy, expulsion cleansing, abortive pills—all these equal abortion. The killing of adults is horrible. The murder of infants is abominable. The slaughter of the unborn is hideous. No one owns anyone else. So it is that neither the mother nor the father owns their unborn child, and aborting this is their big curse here and now, hereafter and beyond.