Monday, April 16, 2012

Socio-financial Development Pyramid

Probably this is altogether irrelevant. Perhaps this is too elementary. Possibly this is but chicken feed. But just be same, it could be worth telling and noting for any reference or reminder it might serve – especially on the part of the political leadership in the Country that has become used to loud and repeated declamations about the sparkling progress and development so well planned and done in favor of the people of the Philippines.
Question to a grade-school pupil: How do you build a pyramid – from the tip to the base or from the base to the tip? The kid answers: From base to the tip. The National leadership answers: From tip to the base.
Hence the executive strategy is invite, support and fund big industrial projects and huge productive ventures – in or out of the PPP bubble – so that benefits of these super-costly agenda are supposed to trickle down to the people. In the course of time, they will savor their individual good as well as their public welfare – eventually. And lo and behold, the socio-financial development pyramid is done. And everybody is happy. Thus says the Chief in command.
The kid however instinctively first chooses and arranges the right and proper blocks in order to make the solid and dependable pyramid base. Then slowly but surely, he adds more and more building materials that progressively make up the middle of the pyramid. Finally, more bricks and blogs are added thereon until the tip of the pyramid is done – and the whole pyramid thus stands steadily and proudly.
One wonders if this is not also the right and proper way of doing socio-financial development – from the bottom up. This is to say: Make the government with all its manpower and resources plus financing experts, directly go to the people belonging to the C, D and E economic classes. Think and plan, decide and support small but many developmental projects here and there. (Never mind the A and B economic groups as they can take care of themselves). From this base approach, a solid and sturdy socio-financial development gradually becomes an objective reality – more than just a dream and a fancy.
The main problem of developmental ventures from the top – usually made-up of multi-national companies not to mention big private corporations – is that their profits largely remain with them, with but the minimum thereof allowed to trickle down to the common, lowly and poor citizens. These in fact even pay much for the little they get – in terms of their long and hard labor. To claim that such business enterprises are not primarily for themselves on account of corporate greed is to live in Cloud 9.
Such huge business can take care of themselves. Is it so hard to understand that the government is of the people, by the people and for the people – especially those who have less in life? After all, this is the fundamental meaning of the maxim that public office is a public trust for the public good.
Comprendes, hijo?