Monday, April 30, 2012

Might is Right

The bigger and better the guns, the mightier the Armed Forces, the more destructive the bombs, the mightier are the countries that have them, the more right they have to do as they please. Poor countries are but diversions and trophies to them. Miserable people are their stepping-stones for more power and influence. Such is the essence and implications of the twisted dictums, the nauseating maxim that “Might is Right.” This is when marginalized countries are stepped down upon and impoverished people are used as but stools for bigger might and/or more insatiable materialistic holdings. The rules of ethics are considered passé. The norms of morals are held irrelevant. What is right could be readily set aside while what is wrong could be conveniently considered right.

Cases in point: Mighty is the USA. Might is England. Together, mightier they become. Mighty is China. Mighty is Russia. Together, mightier too they become. These two combined powers dictate what are their rights, their obligations, never mind. Without saying it, the truth is that they also divide the world – lands and seas plus space – among themselves. What happens to the economically poor countries and their helpless people? The answer to this questions belongs by right to the mighty countries to decide.

That is why Filipinos should not be at all surprised by the now on-going flexing of muscles between USA and China – with other helpless countries siding with one or the other, or just looking on. The fact that the Philippines is a pro-USA, this means that it is anti-China. This explains the now on-going staring at one another at Scarborough between ships from China and boats from the Philippines. This also explains the on-going “Balikatan Exercises” between USA and the Philippines. This further explains the also now on-going battle warm-up between China and Russia. This likewise explains the presidential declamation of the “jaw jaw” not “war war” approach to the territorial waters dispute between China and the Philippines – as there is really no choice. This finally explains the Philippine government running and reporting to the UN and/or the International Tribunal about the law of the sea – or something. One thing is certain, viz., when almighty China does not agree with the latter’s resolution or decision, this becomes but some very dead letters.

When not only nuclear but also thermo-nuclear wars are options of mighty countries, the feeble or frail countries like the Philippines have no choice but simply to watch out for “collateral” damages. This approach is along the incident that happened lately when a neighbor but definitely not neighborly country fired some kind of a rocket into the air – and the Filipinos were fervently advised to watch out for falling rocket debris. But who knows? The Filipinos are said to be a God believing people! This can make a big difference.