Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Lord, Heal Our Land"

Thus says the title of a famous and much appreciated song that was repeatedly sang and delightfully heard some years back. The truth is that the song remains relevant and meaningful particularly in these times, in the Philippines. The song is religious in nature but also practical in application. It looks up to heaven, having earth well in mind. It elevates to the Divine what humans sadly experience and suffer from. It asks for healing because something is unwell, something hurts and begs for healing.

What are the pains that need healing? What is wrong that needs to be made right? Who caused the pain and did the wrong? Sad to say, the answer to all the questions is the same. Said pitiful and detestable reality in the land is authored by the one and the same being: Man. It is man who broke and continues breaking the unity of and peace in land. And it is also man who suffers from such atrocity. This is in line with the Latin saying, “Homo homini lupus.” Literal translation: Man is a wolf to man. Liberal translation: Man acts with inhumanity to man. Practical translation: Man is man’s own enemy. Lord, heal our… heal our broken land.

Behold some of the long since and well known existing realities in this Country that not only divide but also break social peace on account of discontent: The few rich are becoming richer while the poor are becoming poorer. The few privileged clans are becoming more powerful while the ordinary citizens are becoming more helpless. As there are both local and foreign masters in the Country, so too are there more Filipinos serfs. Lord, heal our land… heal our broken land.

The so-called “deregulated” multi-national business companies are raking in billions of pesos in profits while giving back practically nothing to the nationals who are well regulated in their salaries and in the prices of the basic commodities they need and buy. The politicians are having all the fun while the people suffer and despair. The oligarchs have all the land while the farmers practically have none to cultivate, to earn from, to live by. Lord, heal our land… heal our broken land.

The government speaks much but does little. The administration makes a lot of declamations as well as disclaimers while the people have but debts to claim and socio-economic opportunities to disclaim. Public offices have been successfully converted into personal resources. Public officials have become experts in self-service. Partisan politics are bitterly dividing the people. Ideologies are becoming more and more pernicious. Separatist movements have become more and more demanding. This is not to mention criminality all over the land. Lord, heal our land… heal our broken land.