Monday, April 23, 2012

Legalizing Jueteng

Here we go again. Lately, another politico has the brilliant idea of proposing the legalization Jueteng – an illegal numbers’ game that exploits the poor and ignorant, that enriches the police authorities and public officials, with the gambling lords loudly and happily laughing on their way to the banks, here and abroad. This brilliant idea of legalizing jueteng could rests on any of the following assumptions: If you cannot beat them, join them, if something is legalized, everything is OK. It promotes the tourism chant that it’s more fun in the Philippines.

If you cannot beat them, join them. There is a whale of a difference between not being able to do something and not wanting to do anything. It is a big shame and tragedy to say that the whole PNP cannot stop Jueteng, that the whole DILG cannot stop Jueteng, that the whole DOJ cannot stop Jueteng – that MALACAÑANG does not want to stop Jueteng! If the proposed legalization of jueteng is premised on the argument that the said illegal numbers’ game cannot be stopped anyway, hence: Why not legalize drugs that is sold and available to anybody and anytime? Why not legalize prostitution that can be found in practically all cities and towns alike, form the lower to upper end of society? Why not legalize suicide, abortion, organ sale and the like, considering that such are already somehow customary?

If something is legalized, everything is OK. This is the summit not simply of ignorance but the stance of individuals without conscience. Thus is it that the law is placed over ethics and above morals. Thus it is that the only rule of conduct is what the Legislative Department wants and/or the Judiciary decides. Thus it is that provided something is “legal”, this is becomes automatically right, infallible virtuous. The law of man dictates what is to be done and what is to be avoided. Man comes his own little gods, his own little brain.

It promotes the tourism chant that it is more fun in the Philippines. Come one, come all! Gambling is the flagship of Philippine tourism! There is gambling all over the land! There is gambling for children, teenagers and adults! Alpor. Beto-Beto. Biyaya. Bookies. Bull fight. Cara y Cruz. Cockfight. Daga-Daga. Dice. Ending. First Ball. Forty One. Forty Four. Fruit Game. Hataw. Last Two. Loteng. Masiao. Monte. Pares-Pares. Partida. Pula o Puti. Pusoy. Horse Racing, Quadro de Jack. Sakla. Salisi. Suertes. Tupada. Tong-its. Video Carrera. More: baccarat. Big and Small. Bingo. Black Jack. Craps. EZ2. Faigow. Genuine Pairs. Lotto. Pontoon. Roulette. Slot Machines. STL. Stud Poker. Super 6. And others.

There is gambling for everybody! Come one, come all! Lose your money – even that which is not yours! Make your life and that of your family depend on luck – not on industry and sweat! Never mind if gambling becomes an addiction. Never mind if gambling attracts gangsters, thieves and cheats; invite crooks, swindlers and frauds. The more, the merrier!