Monday, April 09, 2012

And There is NOKOR

MILLIONS of people all over the world have practically nothing to eat, to wear and to live in. They are not only victims of poverty but also the casualties of misery. They do not expect much. They do not demand much. What they merely ask for and dream about is but to gain back their lost human dignity, to be able to stand up and depend on their own industry and thrift to make a decent living. Yet, even these very basic hope and requirement remain but a dream—if not a downright futility.

And there is NOKOR…investing and expending multi-millions of dollars. Why? To build and keep, to prepare and launch a rocket—the trajectory and fall of which is anywhere except where it come from.

Millions of people in the four corners of the globe have been long wanting the blessings of social peace, have been long seeking the benefit of h human harmony. There is nothing like the instrumentalities of war that threaten the unity of humanity, that undermine the needed understanding among people all over the world. And it is war that is at the summit of the suffering and despair, the blatant reality that ushers destruction and death.

And there is NOKOR… with its instruments of mass destruction now ready and determined to send a missile somewhere. Where its dangerous remnants will fall? It is here or there but not wherefrom it came from.

Millions of people—irrespective of race, color and creed…are all aspiring for more economic progress, for better human development. But for one reason or another, there is never enough for everybody. While some have the possibilities for the realization of their desired progress and development, there are those who need and expect the support and assistance of others in order to realize their dreams and yearnings for their better tomorrow, for a better life.

And there is NOKOR… whose people suffer underdevelopment, whose present is hard and whose future is bleak. Yet it is decided to launch a satellite or something in order to show its power and might.

All these bring to mind the unspoken yet undeniable reality of the dangers of a manipulated leadership. While leaders need and deserve consultants, they should however be very careful lest they merely get and have but “handlers” who are in fact “users”. Woe to a leader who is but “led by the nose” by their “advisers” whose interests and objectives are what they promote and care for. Manipulated leaders are a big pity to themselves and a profound liability to people they then mislead.


9 April 2012