Wednesday, March 14, 2012

To Coup or Not To Coup

On one hand, there is the famous former coup man himself who is quoted as saying there is an on-going attempt at ousting the present administration. The reason given is that its chief in command is viewed progressively being, left, pro red or the like. There is also a once military official practically identified with coup staging plus another former high ranking AFP man, both of whom in effect say that more than the question “To coup of not to Coup” is not really the question. Reason: Any coup would not succeed during these times.

On the other hand there are the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Their leaders professing unquestionable fidelity and integrity earnestly claim that there is no coup of any kind in the making. And there is also the Philippine National Police formally stating that there is no coup of any kind in sight. And finally there is the MalacaƱang live-in hurray team that as expected, vehemently and loudly belies the alleged coup in the making.

Now, which is what? The two opposing perceptions and consequent affirmations that there is a coup in the making and that a coup is a zero option, cannot be both right. The possibilities are these: It is possible that both parties simply do not know what they are talking about – which is unlikely. It is also a possibility that both of them are lying “to the max” – which is also unlikely. It is finally possible that one party really knows what is happening while the other does not know or does not want to know.

Just for the record, let it be well remembered that the two famous Philippine revolts that successfully toppled two undesired governments, were not brought to conclusion by the people – not really by any coup. That is precisely why both are endearingly called as “People Power” – not the “Coup Power” or something the like.

Question: Now, what? Answer: Even but the talk or the thought of a coup is understandable but lamentable and unfortunate. Understandable because the present administration this early on has already demonstrated its competence to govern well, to win the love of people, to move the Country ahead. Lamentable because the perceived group is said to be led by former high ranking military figures facing civil or criminal cases. And unfortunate because by the mere change of government – either through uprising or election – the lot of the Country, the fortune of the people is not necessarily assured. This is Philippine historical reality.

It is said that when God loves someone – an individual, a community, a people – he makes them suffer to test their faith and fidelity. Thus it is that someone said – thinking of his many suffering in both the previous and present administration: “Please Lord, do not love me too much!