Monday, March 12, 2012

Threat to Life

Criminality is a matter of course. Killings left and right. Girls violated, murdered, thrown away. Bodies mutilated, blown away. Corpses placed in trunks, in sacks. Body parts found here and there. Fetuses left in toilets, garbage piles. Life is cheap. Living is dangerous. And life goes on as usual. There is nothing of the ordinary. Everything is OK. This is the standard lot of the ordinary Filipinos – men and women, boys and girls – under the present administration with all its investigative offices and police agencies, to point out a few.

But lo and behold! All of a sudden and from nowhere, someone alleges that his life is in imminent danger. He loudly claims that terrorists are out to kill him. And lo and behold again! With lightning speed and immediate resolve, those under the beneficial patronage of the man claiming a life threatening situation, readily and overwhelmingly came out with an extra-fast as well as extra-definitive resolution. This: the man should have a brand new and special car. A car that is not only bullet proof but bomb proof as well! In unison, they immediately and delightfully pointed out where the money must come from. Certainly not from their own big and deep pockets but from public funds taken even from poor and hungry millions of Filipinos – from birth to death. How convenient! How inhumane! How gross!

There was a time when there were repeated talks of “Play Stations” said to be also in need of continuous updating with these or those more technically advanced models – for personal pleasure. There was also the recent purchase of one repainted vintage ship of Uncle Sam – for national security against the threat of the formidable Chinese armada in conjunction with some supposedly nearly oil rich islands. More. Recently, there are also talks about the pressing need of buying a new plane in favor of the same subject party who alleges that his life is in big danger. Thus it is that it might be good and proper to forward the following more relevant observations:

As to the threat of life: It is rather incongruous to kill someone who is not really bad but only competent, who is interesting but not threatening. Those whose lives are threatened are individuals who are powerful and vicious, who are influential and dangerous. Otherwise, they are simply left alone.

As to the indestructible car: It is incongruous that the one, whose life is threatened, would stay/live in the car 24/7, much less 24/30 for his safety. If ever, he should have two or three such cars which are identical so that is would not be readily known which car he is in precisely to kill the person concerned.

As to the terrorist threat: It is not a secret that with their special training plus special weapons and tactics, it would take more than a car, a plane, and a ship for anyone to always be safe, anytime, anywhere.

Too bad but so true.