Monday, March 05, 2012

Something is Wrong

There are times when ignorance is bliss. Not to know what is going on, not to think what could happen next, not to have one’s feet on the ground – this is a worry-less life, a carefree existence. The same goes with thinking simply about the hereafter, with being merely concerned with the beyond. The here and now – never mind. The latter matters are considered “irrelevant, immaterial, and impertinent.” Just keep still and everything will be alright. “See nothing. Hear nothing. Say nothing.” – This is the best and safe way of living in this troubled world, in this disconcerting country. Is it really?

A religious people having an irreligious leadership – something is wrong.

Promoting openly the immoral Bill on population control, said to be followed by a Divorce Law plus Same Sex Marriage provision. Accepting the possibility of excommunication with anticipation and delight. Announcing threat of terrorism on the occasion of a big annual procession. Instigating questions about the lot of a Palace Chapel. Having perceived atheistic right hands such as someone recently forbidding religious practices in a government agency. Incurring the big ire of a locally founded Church that recently flexed its muscles in public and regions all over the land.

A democratic people being led to a despotic regime – something is wrong.

Buying the fidelity of separatist movements. Yellow and red gradually mixing together, with the black and white neither here nor there. Keeping firmly the executive power while furthermore wanting to rule the Judiciary with the help of the loyalists in the House. Placing subservient loyalists in key government agencies. Showing dictatorial features while supposedly calling to memory a People Power phenomenon.

A simple and poor people being taken advantage of – something is wrong.

Failing to uplift the life of poor people notwithstanding all rhetoric to the contrary. Pacifying the want and ire of people by giving them alms such as in form of CCT and gas coupons. Imposing more and more rules on local transportations while leaving multinational gas corporations untouched. Pursuing perceived enemies with a vengeance while exempting KKK members from the “Matuid na Daan.” Allowing the wanting and destitute to be exploited by illegal gambling.

One thing is certain – according to reality: Someone up there cannot but be eventually put down here. This is not simply based on the law of gravity but also on the hard-hitting lesson of history.