Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So Far, So Bad

This is all contrary to the many news items published and regular statistics taken about the sentiments of Filipinos and the plight of their Country. This is entirely the contradiction of the loud and repeated claims of the administration and some of its avid and loyal followers. This is exactly the opposite of the often and insistently alleged progressive socio-economic development of the Philippines plus the fast emerging prosperity of the people. This is in the spirit of the dictum "Truth knows no party."

This is definitely the ground reality of where the Philippines is in terms of its financial situation, where the people are in the matter of their temporal welfare, where the Philippine society is in its quest for order, justice and peace. This is specifically in conjunction with the realistic worth and basic competence of the present administration. This is categorically in conjunction what the Chief Executive has done after more than two years of regime. The common and realistic verdict is "So far, so bad." Why?

Prices of prime commodities are distinctly high while the salaries of workers remain low. The cost of gasoline is continuously going up and yet the value of the Philippine peso is down most of the time. The payment for electric consumption is becoming more and more beyond the reach of the poor. The quest for work is high while the availability of employment is low. The main business of the government remains people as export products. And as since then, the OFWs are those who keep the Country economically afloat through their big and regular remittances. So far, so bad.

The crime rate is disastrous as they are not only too many in number but also too gross in kind. The criminal elements have multiplied and their horrible deeds take place not only in the streets but also in family homes. Life has become cheap to the extent that human bodies are mutilated and thrown in garbage piles. The supply and use of prohibited drugs have become a matter of fact. The violation of women and children is a common occurrence. Not few of those precisely enrolled and paid as police authorities become nothing less than the criminals themselves. With human lives becoming cheap, no wonder that human dignity is trampled upon, and human rights are violated without remorse. So far, so bad.

Strikes of one kind or another are becoming the order of the day. The left are growing in number and strength while contradicting ideologies are emerging in strength and numerical count. Thus it is that Mindanao is not peaceful, while Luzon is full of mortal struggles between the right and the left. There are many graft and corrupt practices - notwithstanding all official nice sounding mantras and mottoes to the contrary. And as already well-known and duly note, the blessed constituent members of the KKK are exempted from the "Daang matuwid." So far, so bad.

How long will such a "So far, so bad" governance last?