Monday, March 19, 2012

Gambling Addiction

Considering the open secret that the Philippines has a vibrant and strong haven of both “legal” and illegal gambling, attending to the reality that the Philippine government itself is in fact the biggest gambler in the Country, it is not only practical but also proper to have though but a simple knowledge of the nature and consequences of Gambling Addiction. This marked liability has not only personal but also social repercussions which can be anything but dignifying and inspiring.

The mere mention of PAGCOR plus PCSO plus JUETENG automatically means billions and billions of pesos – while many millions of Filipinos are miserable and hungry. This detestable phenomenon only means that more and more people, locals and foreigners, are becoming gamblers, be these moneyed or wanting individuals. Thus it is that having though but a simple appreciation of the many liabilities of Gambling Addiction is certainly not a mere academic exercise. Reason: Among other things, it says what gambling really is – notwithstanding all hypocritical advertisements to the contrary such as sports, educational and other “grants” from local and/or national gambling agencies.

Big and serious preoccupation about all possible ways and means of getting money primarily in order to gamble. Serious and continuous need of increasing amounts of money for the ultimate purpose of gambling with more excitement and greater expectation. Restlessness and irritability with the prospect of being unable to gamble for whatever reason or cause. Gambling in order to recover lost money only to eventually lose again. Lies and deceit to cover-up gambling. Commission of illegal acts – such as dishonesty, fraud, forgery, embezzlement, theft and the like – to finance gambling. Loss of normal domestic and/or standard social relationships – inclusive of job, profession or occupation – on account of gambling. Reliance or dependence on others to remedy a desperate situation caused by gambling. These are some of the more common errant value system and erratic behavioral pattern of those victimized by Gambling Addiction (Cf. APA, DMS-IV).

By the way, addiction to gambling is definitely not only about how much money it requires and demands – but also about what it does to the thinking process and actuation series of the addict. More: The principle is that big gamblers demand big amounts of money to temporarily quench their addiction, small gamblers require less money to respond to their addiction for the moment. All of them however are addicted gamblers. In a nutshell, Gambling Addiction is definitely not a small matter. Reason: It causes ethical deterioration and moral debasement in terms of personal degradation and social deterioration.

And to think that the Philippine Government plus PAGCOR are looking forward to some kind of a “Las Vegas Philippines,” the Aquino claim of following the “Matuid na Daan” is the JOKE of the decade!