Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Annoying Yet Entertaining

There is a recently composed dictionary having a list of novel vocabulary – with possibility annoying yet entertaining newly coined words. This is courtesy of young people whose ingenuity is beyond limitation and whose perception is beyond question. While these young men and women are the usual frontrunners of different advocacies according to the needs and signs of the times, lately however they caught the attention of a good number of people for their titillating expression used in a public demonstration of their common lamentation. Definitely without any ill-will towards anybody nor any malice of any kind against somebody – but simply for purposes of record – below are some twelve “new” terminologies (with their respective meanings or implications) that are said and heard here and there, with both fun and pun:

1. Noynoying: Being a lazy-bone.
2. Noynoylogy: Study in indolence.
3. Noynoyism: Habit of doing nothing.
4. Noynoyistic: Disposition to loneliness.
5. Noynoyalist: Follower of idleness.
6. Noynoya: Sick of lethargy.
7. Noynoyurosis: Afflicted by inertness.
8. Noynoyarian: Convert to inactivity.
9. Noynoyphilia: Unwillingness to work.
10. Noynoylogist: Student of apathy.
11. Noynoyitist: Subscriber to sloth.
12. Noynoymania: Fascination at sluggishness.

"The youth is the hope of the nation," said Jose Rizal. "The youth is the hope of the Church," said Pope John Paul II. This is living reality. This is on-going truth. May this fervent call and ardent reminder to the Filipino youth be worth their attention and aspiration.

Kabataang Pilipino – Mabuhay!