Friday, March 23, 2012

Addiction to Power. Source of Money. Fixation for Authority.

With malice towards none, with good will towards all, it was said that Philippine politics is sick and a big number of Filipino politicians is sickening. It has been this way from the time of Martial Law at least, to the advent of EDSA 1, to the coming of EDSA 2 up to the present administration. In other words, politics equals addiction to power plus source of money, plus fixation for authority. And this distressing and detestable phenomenon is definitely an open secret - even but knowing the stance and life of few politicians. Only the ignorant, the fool and the insane would say otherwise.

In other words, so much power pursued, claimed and held by these and those national, regional and local public officials -- yet so little done for the public welfare, in favor of the common good. So much money held by politicians from the direct and indirect taxes of Filipinos from birth to death - yet only but a few pesos worth of services are given back in their favor. So much authority claimed and exercised particularly by the Executive Branch with all its numerous departments, agencies and offices - yet poverty is pervasive, criminality is common place, graft and corrupt practices merrily continue to reign in the government.

If politics is not a big addiction to power, a big source of money, a profound fixation for authority, how does one ably explain and duly understand the following more salient facts and factors of and in Philippine politics:

The truth of "Money Elections": This has reference to the naked truth that only moneyed people present themselves for local and, specially so, for national elections. Elections are costly such as in terms of the money to give away to the electorate, to fund their long celebrations and many parties, to give food and drinks - all of which equal vote buying directly or indirectly. And when elected, the politician spares no effort to have his electoral expenses duly paid back, and as a matter of fact also haul much more money in his "big and deep pockets."

The socio-political phenomenon called "Political Dynasty": First was the father who became the consummate politician. His political footsteps are then followed by his sons and daughters - if not also by his nephews and nieces in the course of time. This is the exact picture of death of a father politician that brought about the presidency of the wife, whose death in turn brought about the presidency of the son.

The reality of "Butterfly Politics": This fact means politicians lining up to belong to the party that is more powerful to be with, that has more resources to give away, that is more beneficial to be counted in. Though by accident, this kind of politics has the interesting word "butter." Translation: Politicians look for and join the political party whose side of the bread has the "butter."

Take a good look and think well: The on-going Impeachment Trials is an eloquent proof and example of all of the above.