Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Something is Wrong

Would that everything were all right with the Philippine Government, with Philippine Democracy, with the People of the Philippines! Would that the Legislature enact needed and relevant laws, the Executive able and satisfactorily implement them, and the Judiciary accordingly act on their violations! Would that there be equality and separation of power – in truth and in fact – among the said three branches of government! Would that the Philippine Constitution be not merely a nice paper to read but really a basic document for the government to abide with and for the people to live by! Then, the Philippines would be a blessed Country and the Filipinos a fortunate people – and thus probably become the big envy of the world.

But something is wrong – here and now! The Philippine Government is not of the people, by the people and for the people – but of the politicians, by the politicians and for the politicians. The Legislative Department rests primarily immersed in but partisan politics and pursuant political alliances. The Executive Department remains disabled and incompetent in its mandatory agenda for the common good and public welfare of the citizenry. The Supreme Court is anything but supreme in the interpretation and application of the laws of the land. To say that such an adverse composite phenomenon spells social disaster for the Country and misery for people is one big understatement.

Something is wrong with a Country that s not simply divided by islands and regions but also by different ideologies plus separatist movements – not to mention the division of certain sectors of Philippine society in terms of the colors of nauseating yellow and dangerous red. This is not even pointing out the division of the Filipinos into filthy rich and pitiful poor families, into very powerful and truly powerless individuals. This is neither even making mention of the fact that the agricultural/industrial development of the Country remains but a dream of long standing that the Philippine economy rests at the mercy of foreign capital plus multinational companies.

Something is wrong when all government attention and effort, agencies and public funds are concentrated on the now on-going Impeachment Process initiated by the Chief Executive against the Chief Justice. There is now in effect an ably dividing Executive Department resulting into a divided people. Hence: If “fun” equals longwinded speeches and wonderful declamations in and from MalacaƱang which are however beret of action and reality, if “fun” means unabated criminality be it day and night in the Country, particularly in Metro Manila, if “fun” is the profound enigma of the statistical finding that there are “less poor” but “more hungry” Filipinos, then the over-all conclusion is obvious: “It is more fun in the Philippines!”

Something is wrong!