Monday, February 20, 2012

On Top of the Situation

Taken either in the good or pejorative sense, someone said to be “on top of the situation” implies and says one and the same thing. It means that the person concerned has controlling coverage over an issue under consideration, has commanding dominance on a case under deliberation. In other words, anything and everything remain under the order and in the reign of the same individual such that his personal will is followed, his personal desire are realized with assurance and certainty.

This brings to mind the now grand and spectacular on-going Impeachment Trial of the Chief Justice at no less than the definite and categorical instance of the Chief Executive himself – with the avowed partisan loyalty of majority of the House of Representatives plus the perceived political fidelity of some members of the Senate acting as an Impeachment Court. The reported surreptitious intervention of a presidential right hand before certain senators with the promise of the release of huge sum of public funds admittedly remains unproven. This notwithstanding, it is nevertheless beyond question that the Chief Executive himself – with the subservient collaboration of all the needed offices and agencies under his immediate direction – has a direct and firm hand in the launching of the Impeachment Case and the prosecution of the Chief Justice who has long since been the subject-object of presidential disgust and ire.

It all started with the deliberate public snub of the Chief Justice when the Chief Executive-elect took his oath of office. This was followed by the downright rejection of a pet project – the so-called “Truth Commission” – of the same Chief Executive which the Supreme Court outright dismissed as unconstitutional. This was responded to by a well prepared and loud scolding of the Chief Justice by the same Chief Executive on the occasion of a public gathering. This was crowned by the decision of the Supreme Court on the infamous Hacienda Luisita case contrary to the interest of a well-known dynasty, of which the Chief Executive is an illustrious member.

Consequence: For less than a week, a so-called “verified” Impeachment Complaint was magically written and instantly approved as “sufficient in form and substance.” More. No less than some 188 representatives readily and wantonly affixed their signatures thereto. More. With no preliminary hearing of any kind, the Impeachment Case was submitted and accepted for trial by the Senate. More. The Prosecution easily gathered and readily had all private and public documents supposedly in favor of the Impeachment Articles lodged against the Chief Justice. And lately, there was even a certain mysterious, unknown and see “small lady” who according to a member of the Prosecution Panel, handed him a copy of bank accounts of the Chief Justice.

Who would dare say that the Chief Executive is no “on top of the situation” in the Impeachment Process of the Chief Justice?