Monday, February 06, 2012

Just Asking

Is it not only possible but also probable that the now on-going Impeachment Trial has much bigger implications and more profound consequences in the Country than whether the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is in fact impeached or not? It is not simple conceivable but already factual that all concerned government agencies plus needed public resources under the baton of the Chief Executive are at the disposal of the prosecution to get rid of the Representatives in the House plus certain members of the Senate are under the bidding and command of MalacaƱang? Is it not wherefore rather predictable that the accused is bound to be done away with at the end of the day – all the arguments of the defense to the contrary notwithstanding? Meantime what is happening to and in the Country is anything but good news – much less is it “more fun.”

It is sad that not a few people look at the Impeachment proceedings as but merely as a show, simply a big joke. They are giving different titles thereto. From “Telenovela” to “Zarzuela,” from a “Stage Show” to an “Election Campaign” for the 2013! These and other perceptions/jokes about the Impeachment Trial might not be altogether infantile or puerile after all. Reasons: It is said that Impeachment is partly “political” and partly “judicial.” It is also claimed that the same cross breed is furthermore quasi a “court” and quasi a “jury.” Now which is which and what is what? It then seems to be neither here nor there.

Meantime, there is more and more growing uneasiness among the Filipinos – not to mention their division between pro and contra and the Impeachment, between the pro-Chief Executive and pro-Chief Justice, not to mention between the “yellow” and “red” – with the “Black and White” inserted in one or the other. Meantime, too, timely laws are not being implemented by the Executive Department; worthwhile developmental plans are still waiting for executive attention – not to mention that the bloody issue of the Hacienda Luisita is still eluding actual resolution. And meantime as well, as the Executive Department is fixated with the Impeachment case, the Legislative Department is practically on vacation.

And what happens when the incumbent Chief Justice is done away with – allegedly for his affiliation with the former president? Who then appoints his successor? It is not the ruling Chief Executive with whom the appointee will then be in turn affiliated with? When the present Chief Justice is done away with, does this in effect mean that the Chief Executive will become competent, that the Legislative Department will be composed of all upright and honorable members?

Just asking.