Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gambling Unlimited

Could virtue come from vice? Would avarice be the premise of integrity? Could addiction be the cause of prudence? Would fixation with chance and luck lead to industry, promote sweat and toil? These are rather relevant and significant questions when downright gambling is made official, when the government itself is the biggest gambler in the Country. This is what PAGCOR is all about, this is what the administration is fixated with – even with the blatant misinterpretation that gambling is categorized as but “gaming.” The open and even proud promotion of “legal” gambling – plus the covert acceptance of “illegal” gambling – these along are more than enough to make a mockery of the supposedly solemn and saintly profession of the now famous “Matuid na Daan.”

It is anything but a surprise that the phenomenon of graft and corruption – not to mention criminality – is a regular accompaniment of gambling. Concretely in conjunction with PAGCOR, the following are some of the more celebrated cases appended to the gambling GOCC: The complete disappearance of someone in charge of a CCTV. The murder of somebody known as an IOU purveyor. The infamous rice appropriation and misuse. The matter of very costly cups of coffee. The issue of travel perks plus extraordinary privileges plus expensive gifts. But as usual, both the past and present administration simply play deaf, dumb, and blind to such reported big misdeeds and irregularities.

And there is much anticipated “Las Vegas Philippines” under the cover-up of an “Entertainment City,” “the PAGCOR city” or something. It is said to be built with an estimate cost of some $4 billion – while thousand of Filipino families live in poverty, misery, and hunger. It would not be surprising if the said complex is perceived by the government as a major reason of the slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines!” More fun with the multiplication of local gambling addicts? More fun with the degradation of individuals plus the ruin of their families? More fun with the coming of gambling moguls? More fun with the invasion o foreign gangsters with their standard criminal minds and pursuant errant facts?

It is a big pity that a big number of servants in the Country render public disservice to the Filipinos – instead of assuring their public welfare, instead of safeguarding their common good. It is not really hard to understand that the root cause of such a contradiction is self-service.

It is worth noting that the present administration loudly and repeatedly proclaims its integrity and probity plus rectitude – all amounting to sanctity. However as above noted, it does not only promote “legal” gambling but also consent to illegal gambling – such as Jueteng, Masciao and the like. This is nothing less than duplicity incarnate.

Sad but true.