Friday, February 17, 2012

Abortion 3/3

"A person who procures effective abortion, incurs a latae sententiae excommunication." (Canon 1398 CIC). On the part of the Church, the thus cited canonical provision has specific reference to an individual with mind and will functions ("person") in the desired and designed procurement of abortion. The Church Law is directly relevant to the killing of a fetus in the womb of the mother ("abortion"). The normative enactment is only applicable when an abortion in fact ("effective") takes place. The penalty of excommunication is automatically incurred ("latae sententiae") the moment factual abortion happens, irrespective of place and time.

When is abortion said to be procured? Canonically speaking, procurement of abortion means not merely the reality of abortion but also the due knowledge and deliberate intention of having the fetus in the mother's womb actually killed. It thus becomes clear that the Church Law on abortion does not apply under any of the following circumstances: When the fetus dies by reason of any natural cause, on account of any adverse, an unwanted and/or unforeseen event. When abortion does not actually take place for whatever reason.

What is the penalty of excommunication?
Let it be first expressly said that this grave and odious punishment is applicable not only to Catholics - on proviso only that the member of the Catholic Church involved has the use of his or her human faculties in the procurement of abortion. It should be furthermore noted that one of the fundamental articles of the Catholic Faith is the "Communion of Saints" which in essence means the beneficial inclusion of all Catholics in the official prayers of the Church. To be wherefore excommunicated essentially means downright exclusion from Church prayers all over the world, all hours of the day, and all days of the week.

Why is the Church so repulsed by abortion? Among some of the basic socio-spiritual teachings subscribed to, promoted and proclaimed by the Catholic Church, are the following: Every human being is not only created by God by also created to His own image. Every human being has life to be protected, dignity to be respected and rights to be defended. Every human being starts from conception as a fetus, continues as a newborn baby, becomes a young boy or girl and eventually an adult - with relevance here and now, and a destiny in hereafter and beyond.

Thus it is not only the republican State called the Philippines but also the Universal Church herself are in harmony in protecting a human being from the moment of his or her conception - and thus abhor abortion. This is a truly providential partnership - unless the foreboding RH Bill is championed by the present administration.