Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Abortion 2/3

What is abortion? In its direct and plain understanding, abortion is the killing of a yet unborn human being in the womb of the mother. The intentional or deliberate murder, slaughter or extermination of a yet unborn human person – this is abortion in simple words. There is someone yet unborn, the latter is still in the womb of his/her mother, yet he or she is purposely killed for one reason or another, for whatever purpose or intent – these are the basic elements of abortion, none of which is right or just.

Again, while yet unborn and thereby helplessly though comfortable confined in the womb of his or her own mother, his or her human life is knowingly exterminated – again, these are the core features of abortion. It is a heinous crime. It is a gross villainy. It is a hideous iniquity. All these say one and the same thing, viz., abortion is not only unethical but also immoral. Between the virtuous and vicious, the praiseworthy and the condemnable, the glorious and atrocious – abortion is all the latter. To claim that abortion is all the former constitutes the height of irrationality and hypocrisy.

How is abortion perpetrated? The more known and common means of doing abortion are the following: Termination of pregnancy through chemical abortifacients. Rasping, suction or expulsion of the fetus through machine intervention. Embryoctomy by destroying the fetus in the uterus. Craniotomy by cracking the head of the fetus. The fact is that there are various means and ways of perpetrating abortion, all of which are geared to but one ultimate purpose, viz,. the killing an unwanted or undesired helpless human being in his or her own mother’s womb.

As to the so-called “Therapeutic Abortion” presumably on account of the dilemma posed by the medical predicament of choosing between sparing the life of the mother or saving the life of the fetus, the ethical principle that governs this predicament is the following: No one is allowed to intentionally kill one in order to save the other. The over-all purpose of the external intervention in the case is to save the life of both the mother and the fetus. It is however understandable that in the process of saving the two lives, one thereof happens to die. This concrete reality is ethically acceptable whereas no one is deliberately killed in order to spare the life of the other.

Why is abortion wrong? The most delicate, the most innocent, the most helpless and therefore the most dependent such as a fetus being morally assaulted instead of being protected, being killed instead of being saved, being murdered at the instance of his or her own mother and/or father – this is the height of the brazenness of conscience, the summit of brutality. To claim and say otherwise is diametrically contrary to the fundamental value system of any rightfully thinking, truly civilized individual. The unborn neither caused his or her conception, nor willed his or her own existence. No one should be allowed to kill him or her as everyone should instead protect the same – not only by the State but by the Church, an institutional patron of human life.