Wednesday, January 18, 2012

True or False

There is a good amount of interesting news about the Philippines, more specifically in conjunction with the present administration and the economic plight of the Filipinos as a whole. Malacañang and understandably its rah-rah boys are consistent and insistent in claiming that there is a fast and marked on-going economic development and consonant social progress in the country. There are surely less hungry people and more self-sufficient families. There are more satisfied Filipinos in the way their government is running the affairs of the State and less individuals who see it otherwise. That such very positive national phenomenon is an infallible constant as far as the Palace is concerned. In fact, such a wonderful and endearing judgment is regularly affirmed by certain major tri-media firms.

In other words, it is definitely false to say that there is lack of competence and industry in the some two-year old government in the country. In fact, it is a blatant desecration even but to think that the current national leadership has no comprehensive plan, programs and projects for the socio-economic growth of the Philippines. In fact, so Malacañang claims there is a great majority of Filipinos who are well pleased and much contended with the way the affairs of the State are being conducted and attended to – under the illustrious sound and solid national leadership. That is say, it has never been better. The reality is – so declares and affirms the present administration – practically everybody is very pleased with and appreciative of the way things are today in the country as a whole.

“The economy was no fun to many” – so recently says a nationwide publication by the way a punch to the recently coined tourism battle cry, “It’s more fun in the Philippines!” The punch at the nose is based on the findings of a known survey firm. Among other things, its predictable findings say the following: That half of the population of the Philippines feels that there is no less than an actual stagnation in Philippine economy. That more than a third of them even say that the national economy has even worsened with the onset of year 2010. That the over-all survey conclusion is based on the responses given by the lower economic classes in the country.

Now: Which is what, what is which? Who are disseminating lies or but affirming realities? Who are benefiting from hypocrisy or but forwarding the truth? And after all has been said and done, it is more interesting to wait and see what will Malacañang and its avid followers eventually do to the survey firm concerned? Respect its findings or trample on the finders? Accept the truth or insists on lies? This is the unusual liability of a leadership that sees truth in lies, that perceives lies in truth. This is the standard posture of those in government who think that they can fool all people all the time. And this is incarnate disaster for the country and its people.