Friday, January 20, 2012


Usually applied to weapons that are prepared in a way that it self-detonates in a given time and opted place – this is the usual understanding and implication of the phrase “self-destruct.” Prepare the powder keg as desired and designed. Leave it alone, and it automatically brings about its own self-explosion or detonation, its own wreckage and demolition. The phenomenon of self-ruin finds relevance about individuals who “self-destruct” primarily on account of their own twisted thinking and pursuant errant actuations. Theirs are foolish desired and designs, convoluted options and irrational decisions. Their unreasonable behavior and weird decisions undo their own personal worth and dignity, their private and public stature. Again, leave them alone and they “self-destruct” – by themselves.

Greed! This is one of the eventual causes of someone geared for self-destruction. In plain language, the said capital vice is understood as an inherent craving for something constitutional rapacity of something. Said craving or rapacity is usually directed towards having anything coveted, everything desired. It has some kind of a driving premise: “All or nothing!” The truth is that greed is errant egoism. It therefore becomes an aberration in such a degree and intensity that the individuals thus adversely affected are in “self-destruct” mode. Meantime, those impacted by such a serious psychical malady love in peace with themselves, act and behave with ease as if everything is super and dandy.

Greed for power through any means. Greed for wealth by any way. Greed for prominence at any cost. These can be said as the three species of greed. And this is the truth for people in general – irrespective of race, color, and creed. It is interesting to note that the greed for power is usually accompanied by the greed for wealth that helps in having and preserving political power, and that the greed for prominence is ordinarily satisfied by power and wealth. This tripod of greed is neither unknown nor difficult to understand. It is a fact of history. The truth is that it accompanied a good number of individuals who were intrinsically insecure and/or unstable, who were inherently diffident and/or wobbly in their thoughts and actions.

It is enough to contemplate and analyze what have happened and what are still happening in the world – such as the Middle East, Asia well included. The spectacle is so gross and blatant that it becomes rather easy to know who are the characters who are geared to self-destruct specially on account of their greed for power through any means – unless they have already undergone self-destruction long before.

The above thoughts are herein committed to writing – just for the record.