Monday, January 02, 2012

Nature: Friend of Foe?

Man has the mind to know, the will to resolve, the senses to feel. Yet, is it true that he never learns? Is this why he continues to fall, to hurt and to die even – despite all supposedly learning experiences he has in the course of time? Does he find it irrelevant if not futile to know better from his mistakes, to do better next time around? Why? There seem to be two fundamental reasons for this phenomenon – without appealing either to the profound or the supernal. And these reasons are both in the socio-economic sphere.

There are the poor and miserable people. Many of them do not learn because of necessity that gives them no easy choice, no ready option. They do not have the luxury to choose where and how to live, what to do or when to abstain from doing. This is a basic reason why there are many of them who build their houses beside dirty creeks, who live in dangerous places, who deem it convenient to disregard the onslaught of floods, mudslides and other mortal natural calamities. They cannot afford to learn.

There are the affluent and able people. Some of them do not learn because of avarice. Never mind if their business and industry precisely cause significant danger to the health and bring havoc to the life of the impoverished and weak. It does not really matter when their big profits are exactly the big loses of pathetic families and rural communities. This is the root cause of their illegal mining of long standing and irresponsible logging in the otherwise protective and beneficial forest. They can afford not to learn – due to their covetousness.

And this brings to focus the question – Nature: Friend or foe?

Nature is a great friend of man when he cares for the environment, when he preserves the fruitfulness of the earth, ascertains the cleanliness of the air and the purity of the waters. In other words, the natural resources are there for man to preserve and benefit from – not to waste, much less to ruin them due either carelessness or greediness. Otherwise, nature becomes his persistent foe, a forceful one indeed.

Again. It is not a secret that nature is for the use and good of man – not the other way around. But it belongs to man to nurture nature so that this remains his friend and benefactor. A friend is not for bullying, much less for ruining. Nature is a wonderful friend to have. But when mistreated, the same becomes a big foe indeed. This is the lesson after lesson, year after year that man can and should learn from. Otherwise, nature would look at him as its mortal enemy, and would wherefore understandably angrily seek to cause his lamentation if not destruction.

Incidentally, all impressive and wonderful man-made laws in favor of preserving nature simply constitute a big farce when law enforces are either sleeping on their job or selling their trust! What’s new?