Friday, January 13, 2012

Mortal. Fatal. Lethal.

It has always been deadly. It caused big social disturbances. It claimed many human lives as a matter of fact. And it is still a mortal sin, a fatal move, a lethal act to touch it by righting what is wrong and unfair therein by judging what is crooked and unjust about it. It is something that has definite and defining consummate “Touch me not” feature. What is this? The infamous Hacienda Luisita. Why is it so? It is a rich and enriching dynastic domain. What happened? The Supreme Court recently exercised its constitutional mandate, dared point out the truth and thereby pronounced on the imperative of justice. And its deadly sting is not only fast to come but also deep in impact and consequences.

22 November 2010: This is an ominous date. The Supreme Court ruled that some 4, 915 hectares of agricultural land should be returned and distributed in favor of some 8, 296 qualified and legitimate farmers. To add salt to injury, the highest Tribunal in land ordered the payment of some 1, 330, 511, 500 pesos to the said farmers. The result was fast and immediate: A now all-powerful Hacienda heir fumed with consuming anger. His political allies were all called to the front. And the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is immediately placed under impeachment proceedings.

Article II, Section 21: As a matter of no less than a national policy, the Constitution of the Philippines expressly and clearly provides that the State itself shall promote comprehensive agrarian reform. Now it appears that there is a monumental though unwritten exception from the policy, i.e., the glorious Hacienda Luisita. Now it is clear that though unwritten and unsaid, the grand Hacienda is in no way covered by the Constitution of the Philippines, and woe to anybody and anyone who dare think and say the opposite. Even the Chief Justice of the Philippines must observe a hands-off stance about the August Hacienda.

4 January 2012: There was a presidential adviser who then said among other things that the Chief Justice “may have amassed ill-gotten wealth.” Conclusion: Impeach him! Make him resign! Take him away! Such a fast and fierce reaction of a MalacaƱang ally cannot but cause socio-political apprehension, inclusive of socio-economic reservation in the Country. And let not the other “Chief” dare say that he had nothing to say about it, nothing to do with it. And would that nobody please invoke the futile excuse that Hacienda Luisita is irrelevant to the much desired and hastily designed well-funded Impeachment Case.

Questions: Where would the case lead the Republic of the Philippines? How would the case impact on the peace and order in the Country? What would the case do to the Filipinos as people?