Monday, January 09, 2012


Since man learned how to talk, since he started to speak, and since he ventured in communicating with others, he slowly but surely came to know the following realities through personal experience: The difference between an utter truth and a downright lie. The force of a lie, the more it approaches the truth. The futility of a lie, the farther it is from the truth. These rather simple thoughts and plain realities have more relevance and acquire greater interest when signal issues, basic questions and/or fundamental disputes, come to fore in the ethico-social arena.

Needless to say, the now on-going disturbing bout between the Chief Executive VS the Chief Justice is a big issue, a key question, a core dispute with both intensive effect and extensive repercussion in this Republic that constitutionally subscribes to the separation and equality of the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches of government. Let it be said that the juvenile greed for power by the Malacanang tenant plus its well benefited political allies are playing with fire – a fire that can hurt the people, cause unrest, even possibly burn down the whole political house in tantrum.

The presently on-going so called “Impeachment” lunched under the very costly initiative and patronage of the Administration is a morbid case in the realm of truth or lie, probity or malice, sobriety or inanity. And speaking of utter falsity under the pitiful guise or veracity, i.e., a lie blatantly far from the truth, lo and behold what someone with political expertise was reported and even quoted to have said recently – possibly with a straight face.

“The impeachment complaint is not the complaint of 188 representatives of the people against Corona. It is the complaint of the overwhelming majority of Filipinos who want Corona removed because they want a clean, honest, and impartial judiciary.”

A complaint of people? A complaint of the overwhelming majority of Filipinos? Majority of Filipinos who want Corona removed? Ha? Where is such a statement based? How was it arrived at? Who took the survey? And more importantly, who reportedly made the statement – and why? It would be anything but new for Filipinos to become an “overwhelming majority” to remove someone from power. In fact, they have done this before – not once but twice. Now, is it true that the said “overwhelming majority” of Filipinos want the incumbent Chief Justice removed from office?

With the way things are going – a reactionary posture, a confusing preferences, a puerile ambivalence and a leadership with many liabilities – it is not improbable that the following could slowly but surely come to fore: An honest to goodness “overwhelming majority” of Filipinos making the option to have someone or something “removed.” Who or what? Guess!