Friday, January 27, 2012

Impeachment Trial

It does not require much brain work to know and conclude that the now on-going Impeachment Trial costs money - money that certainly does not come from any of those directly and indirectly invoked therein. Instead, they are nonchalantly and conveniently taken from the direct and/or indirect taxes of every baby, child, teenager and adult in the Philippines. Never mind if they have barely enough money to buy their food, to pay for their clothes and shelter. Never mind if their fathers and/or mothers cannot even find work, cannot in fact afford sending them to school, cannot buy the medicines they need and do not even find any relief in the ever rising prices of prime commodities - their little energy/fuel consumption included.

In other words, never mind of the Impeachment Case is undertaken more by way of vindictiveness than the honest-to-goodness search for truth and the due application of justice. It is all right if the whole House of Congress is in a stand still on account of the show-down that can be readily titled "Who is Who" with particular reference to the personal ego and dynastic concern of the Chief Executive. There is nothing wrong if the Senate as a whole is likewise focused on the same inquisition practically all working days of the week. Why? Simple!

There is nothing more important in the "It's more fun in the Philippines" than the fixation of the government, the media and the market at the monumental display of who is in power, who calls the shots, who commands and steers the Impeachment process. The economy? It's great! Peace and order? There are in place! The long standing conflicts in Mindanao and Luzon? There are likewise long resolved! Prohibited drugs, sex trade, illegal gambling? They are non-existent!

Lo and behold! It is said that even before the Impeachment venture officially started, it is reported with gusto and pride that some 5 million pesos have been earmarked for the purpose. And what if the sizable amount is not enough for the Impeachment exercise for whatever reason? Simple. Set aside more money. Whose money? Elementary. People's taxes! How convenient! How easy! How gross!

There must be something very wrong with the way politics is understood, lived and practiced in the Philippines for many decades. There should be something rather disturbing about how far and fervent do partisan politics go. There cannot but be something strange and erratic about how a public office is perceived and exercised, how public service is sought and practiced. Otherwise, how does one explain with rhyme and reason the continuously and consistently sad and saddening affairs in the Country - proudly said to be the "Pearl of the Orient" and where "Life is heaven?"