Wednesday, January 11, 2012

FOI: "Folly of Information"

Ignorance is bliss. Knowledge is dangerous. The less people know, the better for their own comfort and peace of mind. The more secrets are kept by their government, the more tranquil the citizens are. Such erratic principles and convictions can be considered as the composite premise of the new “Folly of Information” legislative agendum. In other words, make the government all-knowing. Keep the people altogether dumb and naïve. Let their government do the worrying, attend to everything, resolve anything. What people do not know, cannot hurt them. Let their government have full charge of running their Country, and thereby free them from thinking and acting out of their individual selves and tiny personal worlds.

That is why Article II – the Bill of Rights – of the Philippine Constitution is a big joke: “Subject to reasonable conditions prescribed by law, the State adopts and implements a policy of full disclosure of all its transactions involving public interest.” (Section 28) This is but passing the buck to the people who are already saddled with a good amount of private and family worries about their day-to-day food, their shelter and clothing. Public interests should be in direct care as well as the exclusive concern of very mature and able public officials – especially someone on top of them all. This is but fair and square.

That is why the honest to goodness original “Freedom of Information” Bill is understandably taboo to Malacañang. It is definitely irrelevant and therefore anything but a priority. Reasons: Any honest to goodness “public interest” is definitely neither but for private consumption nor for personal attention. Malacañang knows best. It is in consummate command of peace and order in the Country. It is in very able charge of national defense and security. It is in total control of socio-economic development and progress. It is on top of every problem in the Country, in complete mastery of what is right and just for the Filipinos.

That is why there is now an infinitely better version of the FOI Bill, Act or something. With much less key information accorded to the general public, the greater “transparency and accountability in government transactions” will there be. Ha? In fact, such is the honest to goodness rectification and complementation of the original Bill. Wow! For all intents and purposes, leave the present administration alone in the context of “Papa knows best!” – In the Malacañang own world of the “Matuwid na Daan.” Really? Is this so hard to understand? Yes! Is there any doubt of any kind about the proven competence, established integrity and manifest industry of the now reigning dynastic administration? Yes!

Conclusion: What is the fuss about the reworded, revised, and recorded FOI venture whose main spirit primarily revolves in the constitutional phrase “Subject to reasonable conditions prescribed by law…” Oh!