Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Division. Collision. Deprivation.

Thanks to the Chief Executive for the obsessive protection of long and firmly held dynastic wealth. Thanks to the allies in the Legislative Department for their unconditional allegiance to and patronage of MalacaƱang. Thanks to the markedly distorted understanding and errant practice of politics in the Philippines. These national liabilities cannot but have their equally national negative impact on the Country as felt by the people in general and watched attentively by foreign nationals – especially in investors – in particular.

Consequences: Actual division among the three separate yet co-equal branches of government that should instead engage in trilateral deference and collaboration. Probable collision between the Supreme Court and the Legislative now itself acting as a de facto judiciary body. Eventual deprivation of public service in favor of the people through their well paid and much self-remunerated public officials. In other words, thanks to the now on-going Impeachment Trial.

Thanks for the impeachment case that will give much needed competence to the Executive Department, which will ascertain the enactment of relevant and practical laws by the Legislative Department that will guarantee a well functional justice system all over the land particularly in the Lower Courts all over the land. This is indeed a consoling though but a vain expectation in reality and truth.

Thanks to the impeachment process that will provide food for the hungry, build shelters for the homeless, give clothes to those who are practically naked. It will also stop the ever rising prices of fuel, remedy the stagnancy of salaries, and do away with the more and more costly prime commodities. This is a fond hope, but a big futility just the same.

Thanks to the impeachment trial that will ferret the whole truth and nothing else but the truth and nothing else but the truth, which will promote justice and bring peace to the land – together with the much needed socio-economic development of the Country as a whole. It will definitely vanish graft and corruption forever, just as it will usher in honor and integrity in government service. Criminality, too, will be a thing of the past. Optimistic, yet, foolish thought.

It is not only consoling but also inspiring to know that public officials from the local to the national levels of the government are all adorned with honesty and rectitude in the handling of public funds, faithful and dedicated to the promotion of public welfare. More, it is a matter of pride and joy on the part of the people to know and be certain that all their public servants are filling their SALN regularly and truthfully!

“I can dream, can’t I?