Friday, January 13, 2012

Correction, please.

It was reported:

a. THAT I said something to the effect that infertility is an impediment for Church marriage.

ANSWER: Impotence is an impediment for valid Church marriage but not infertility. That is elementary knowledge.

b. THAT I accept if not even endorse the so-called "Gay Marriages" contrary to the long standing teaching of the Church.

ANSWER: Needless to say, there are gay people who do what they want to, irrespective of what the Church teaches. In this case, whatever they do, their cannot be a marriage as provided by nature and taught by the Church. At most, they can enter into an "Agreement," a "Partnership" or anything the like--but not marriage in reality and truth.

c. THAT I am very kind to gays to the extent that I am a consenting adult to their designs, options and the like.

ANSWER: I respect gays just as everybody else. They too are created to God's image. They too have human dignity. They too should not be ridiculed, much less discriminated.

13 January 2012