Friday, December 02, 2011

Too Little, Too Late

There are now those famous islands whose ownership has long been disputed in many ways, for many reasons, among many countries – considering they are not simply in the “West Philippine Sea” but also in “South China Sea.” This is why the said islands have become concrete objects of conflicting claims by supposedly friendly nations – especially by the Philippines and China. Reason: It is said that there is much more in the islands than their unique formation and virginal state. In addition to its strategic location, there is also the strong belief that they hold a good amount of underneath energy materials. Hence, the on-going skirmish particularly between the Philippines and China as principals in the still low-key but already red-hot issue.

Understandably, the Philippine Government is disturbed by the adventures of China in its progressive avowed ownership of the islands – some or all of them. As some kind of a demonstration of its rightful claim, China known as a super-power not only in the region but also in the world, sent a big loaded and deadly ship thereto as a symbolic expression of dominion over the islands. So it came pass that no one less than the AFP Commander-in-Chief himself entered into the picture. So far, the following are his known progressive counter actions – to this writing.

For a start, he sends a World War II vintage ship of the Philippine Navy to the islands. A good number of Filipinos did not even know that there was such a ship in the Country. It is so old and rusty that the joke came about saying that the ship was a big danger to friends and foes alike not due to its deadly weaponry on the like but rather account of the abundance of tetanus it had as brought about its heavily rusting steel plates.

As a follow-up, the same Chief-in-Command had another left-over ship purchased from the US Navy. It was certainly a surplus weaponry with less rusting parts but also with less potentials in fire power. And there again some naughty Filipinos who commented that the two war ships should be accompanied and aided by fishing boats to confuse the Chinese, together with colorful vintas to distract them.

As of late, there was that public announcement saying “P-Noy asks South Korea for military hardware.” It is said that this brave and expensive move is intended to boost the Philippine weaponry specifically intended to protect the islands from Chinese invasion. Needless to say, the elementary questions asked are basically following: How much public funds would be spent for the desired weaponry? How would the weaponry help the Filipinos in the alleviation of their poverty and misery? How would bullets and bombs remedy the sagging socio-economic development of the Country?

The Philippines buying war implements in these days and times to counter a super power? Sorry, such a venture is too little, too late.