Monday, December 26, 2011

Thank God for Good People

The supra-natural yet historical birth of Christ, brings to fore certain signal truths, some of which are the following: He found it proper and acceptable to become a human. He also deemed it right and necessary to teach human beings the good to be done as well as the evil to be avoided. He ultimately considered it appropriate that He suffered, died and arose from death for the redemption of humanity as a whole - irrespective of their race, color and creed. All these wonderful and gratifying realities are in favor of all men, women and children the world over - the Filipinos in particular, majority of whom believe in Christ as Someone no less than their divine Teacher and holy Redeemer.

Thank God for the special place He gave man as the centerpiece of His creation. Thank Christ for Christmas, His birth among and for man. Thank the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit for the good people either already counted among the dead or numbered still among the living. And this threefold "Thank You!" has particular relevance to the People of the Philippines. By and large, they are poor and miserable. They are the victims of envy, greed and lust. They are the casualty of the covetousness and insatiability if the wealthy and powerful - particularly done through manipulation and deceit of their own supposedly elected or appointed public leaders in particular.

Question: Why the "Thank You" then? What is there to thank for? What is there to be grateful about? Answer: There are millions upon millions of people in the world who are good and upright. There are but thousands who are the cross of humanity, the curse of the people. In the same way, there are millions upon millions of Filipinos who are kind and honest. There are but thousands if not only hundreds of them who are criminals and thieves, who are vicious and violent, and this is not but poetry. Neither is this but a mere dream for consolation and comfort. It is truth and reality.

Otherwise, this Country would not be only unbearable but also unlivable. The Filipinos would be a pitifully accursed and thereby an entirely lost people. There would be no private charitable institutions, beneficent projects, free clinics. No one would be really giving and forgiving neighbor. No one could be trusted, no one would be trustworthy. There would be no place that is safe to be at, to walk by, to frequent and enjoy. Then, there should be one police to guard every Filipino. But who guards the police in turn?

Yes, there are criminal elements in the Philippines. But there are multi-millions of honorable and noble Filipinos. Yes, there are lawless individuals in the Country. But there are million upon millions of admirable and wonderful law-abiding people in the Philippines.

Thank God for good people!