Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Once More with Feeling: "Matuwid na Daan"

Recently, it was said that he reigning President again proclaimed that bringing to justice the practitioners of graft and corruption has been, still is and will remain his principal, priority and pet project. In effect, this is supposed to be the open and only reason of the now on-going hullabaloo about the GMA case. Thus it was reported that the same Chief-in-Command even made the official and public vow that he would exert no less than a triple effort to steadfastly tread his "Matuwid na Daan" electoral mantra.

No. It is not altogether right to say that the loud shout and repeated claim of self-righteousness are all but nice sound bites. No. It is neither really correct to say that it is instead the Legislative Department that has been since then doing the investigations of the graft and corrupt practices of former public officials - particularly those connected with the previous administration. Yes. It is more appropriate to say that the sitting President is selective in the application of the principle and norm of the "Matuwid na Daan."

The "Matuwid" is not in the "Daan" for the members of the famous and influential K.K.K. Everything is not that straight not than above board as far as the said club members with Malacañang predilection, are concerned. There are these and those positive signs and strong indications of dishonesty about this and that club constituent. But, Malacañang so far has registered a zero inquiry action on them. Amusing!

The "Matuid" is neither the "Daan" for certain big benefactors of the Malacañang occupant on the occassion of the latter's election into office. In fact, there is the interesting total or complete silence on the part of the Executive Department regarding the disturbing findings of "Tan Dem" on the discovered capital anomalies in the well-advertised and acclaimed computerized electoral process of 2010. But Malacañang is indifferent about it. Interesting!

The "Matuwid" is definitely neither in the "Daan" for the Jueteng Lords, the Jueteng Collaborators, the Jueteng Beneficiaries. This is not to make mention of the one too many on-going illegal gambling operations in the Country--such as "Alpor," "Ending," "Hataw," "Loteng," "Masiao," "Tong-its," etc. etc. etc. Jueteng toppled one President. Another now formally accused past President had something to do with the so-called "Vatican of Jueteng." Jueteng is a big reality as well as a great symbol of graft and corruption. But it is excluded from the "Matuid na Daan." Why? Ask the self-proclaimed incarnation of integrity. Ask why the exception. Ask why the selective prosecution against graft and corrupt practitioners. Intriguing!