Wednesday, December 28, 2011


It is but two letters. It is not even a word that can stand alone by itself. But use it as the first syllable of a good number of terms and it comes to mean a lot of human possibilities. When appended to a given word, "Ka" in its positive intent, it means any of the following: Accompaniment. Companionship. Collaboration. It implies the fact belonging. It forwards the sense of camaraderie. It hints some kind of a "esprit de corps," deep closeness or special friendship.

Some of the terms using "Ka" as its first syllable are the following" Kapatid. Kapamilia. Kamaganak. Kabario. Kapitbahay. Kababayan. Kabaro. Kalaro. Katoto. Kasama. Kaibigan. Kakilala. Kasundo. Kaisa. Katulong. Kasambahay. Kagalit. Kaaway. Kakunchaba. Kabarkada. Kausapan. Kainuman. Kaaway. Kasintahan. Kalahi. Kalaguyo. Ka-cosa. Kabagang. And so on.

This brings to mind the well known KKK in the Country. There is the heroic and noble group known as Kataastaasan, Kagalanggalangan Katipunan. There is also the signal societal trio of Katotohanan, Katarungan, Kapayapaan. Furthermore, there is special blessing of the triad of Kaunlaran, Kabuhayan, Kasayahan. In addition, there is ignoble threesome of Kayabangan, Kabobohan, Katamaran. Lastly, there is the triple misery Kahirapan, Kagutuman, Kamatayan.

In effect wherefore, the prefix "Ka" can mean something good or bad, can imply a positive or negative reality. It can be therefore said that such a simple and common syllable announces either good or bad news to all those concerned - the general public included in the event that the fact it forwards has a right or wrong impact on them, but above all these observations, it is evident that the said prefix is loaded with possibilities as far as individuals, families, communities or the whole Country is concerned.

But the meaning, implications and consequences of "Ka" are really expensive and profound when public officials are concerned, i.e., different persons accorded with different official task ultimately for the common good or public welfare of the people they are bound and expected to serve. And rightly so because it is the same who pay all their salaries, benefits and perks through their reasonable direct taxes plus their unreasonable indirect taxes from birth to death. This is why the higher in the government hierarchy the said public officials are, the more significant and relevant "Ka" becomes when they are directly concerned.

By the way, what can be said about the KKK in conjunction with the present administration? Never mind. It is Holy Innocents' Day!